Ashley Palmer from the 2011 Hooters Pageant

The 15th Annual Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant that we covered last year is the gift that keeps on giving.

Today we’re featuring another contestant that we met at the event, the beautiful Ashley Palmer. Hooters gave us poolside access at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach where we met and photographed some of the contestants in their bikinis. Ashley showed off her amazing figure on a hot day in the Miami sun.

Check back for more poolside photos of Hooters contestants.


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3 responses to “Ashley Palmer from the 2011 Hooters Pageant”

  • Landon Zunk says:

    I would just really love to boink that baby every day of my life multiple times! She is just so very sexy.

  • Izeakeal Thomson says:

    Ashley Palmer is just such a beautiful women that I would love to love every single day of my life and I would be so happy if we could sleep in the same bed together totally nude everyday of our lives. She is just so very boinkiable!!!

  • Landon Zunk says:

    Hey Ashley, you are just such a very beautiful hunnie that is just so GORGEOUS that I want to live with babe. Will you please call me at 419-583-0769? I just want to live with you so every morning when I wake up, I see the most perfect face, which is your hun. Well bye, Landon Zunk

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