Cool Cars of 2016


As 2016 rolls into 2017, new cars are rolling onto the lots of local dealerships, but which are some of the top cars of the year so far? Ranking the best current vehicles, plus the available 2017 models, this list organizes some of America’s favorite cars of 2016. If you’re in the market for a new car. (or trying to fix up a used car while considering your options), check out this list to see what’s out there.

Toyota Camry: One of the great things about Toyota is that they keep adding more stuff to their models without raising their prices significantly. This 2017 model of one of America’s favorite affordable four-doors is getting wireless phone charging, a better audio system and a classier display.

Subaru Forester: A fairly cheap, high-MPG, family-oriented SUV, this bestselling model has updated safety features like the addition of torque vectoring, better autonomous emergency braking and lane assistance, as well as minor design tweaks.

Lexus RX: This is a sleek, luxury-sport SUV that’s ideal for the high-paid city dweller who wants to take weekend trips. It comes in sport and hybrid models, although those with large families may want to wait for the 2018 version, which may or may not have a third row of seats.

Chevrolet Impala: The 2016 model ranked highest by U.S. News and World Report among large cars, and it’s possibly America’s favorite sedan. Simple, customizable and affordable, this flagship vehicle’s new version will be released in spring of 2017.

Kia Sorento: The generous size and comfortable space of this crowd-pleasing SUV comes with a lot of feature favorites, like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, without the high price.

Mazda MX-5 Miata: Mazda has gone all-in with this Porsche-style roadster, which now sports a retractable fastback roof. The sleek, sporty hard-top convertible is certainly a show-stopper.

5 2016 Mazda MX-5

Ford F-150: A favorite pickup truck in America for decades, the Ford F-150 has gotten some nice new features, such as its EcoBoost V6 engine, which is light and powerful.

Toyota Sienna: This is another American classic, only this is the longtime favorite minivan. A great solution for those who need accessibility, the Sienna is roomy, comfortable and tricked out with some great features. The current 2016 model sports a Blu-ray entertainment system. (The 2017 version should be announced toward the end of the year.)

Acura NSX: For the car lovers that want a souped-up, hybrid super-car, the sporty Acura NSX turns heads. That’s if those on the street hear you coming, as it’s a quiet, gentle and powerful ride. It’s had a lot of praise ever since it was announced, but its technical perfection makes it one of the pricier sports cars on this list.

Buick Cascada: It’s one of those “Is that really a Buick?” Buicks. The newly revamped 2016 luxury sports car has a soft-top retractable roof and even high-speed Internet (powered by OnStar).

Cadillac ATS-V: A high-performance, muscular power ride, this is America’s answer to the German BMW M3.

Cadillac CTS-V: Slightly larger, longer and more luxurious than the ATS-V, this high-end choice is a safe and comfortable expensive car without the expense.

Cadillac CT6: Cadillac’s unique “prestige” sedan is a brand-new car that appeared in the lineup in 2016. It’s big, wide, comfortable, classy and cheaper than their luxury cars.

Chevrolet Camaro: It’s America’s classic muscle car! The 2017 version comes with either a V-8 or V-6. Get it in a sporty, exciting color for the full Camaro feel.

Chevy Malibu: Who doesn’t love the mid-size Chevy Malibu? It’s everything a car should be. The public has come to love the fun display and the hybrid’s high miles per gallon. Expect the new model in mid-2017.

Chevy Volt: While GM’s first mass-marketed electric car had a bit of a rough start, the 2017 model has ironed out the kinks and formed a useful, comfortable and reliable version that’s great for everyone. With a total driving range of 420 miles, the Volt is the greenest option on this list.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT: There are luxury sports cars, and then there’s Mercedes AMG’s breathtaking GT. The brand pushes the highest technology forward in this handcrafted grand tourer.

Mercedes-Benz Maybach S600: The expensive-for-a-reason Maybach is more lavish mini-limo than stretched S-Class, with everything from hot-stone massage features in leather reclining seats, to a concert-quality audio system, to revolutionary collision prevention systems.

Scion iA: The super-affordable little car will be re-branded as the 2017 Yaris iA next year, but for now, we’ll enjoy the 33 miles per gallon and safety features.

Scion cars

Scion iM: The slightly larger iM will be re-branded like the iA, though this one will become a Corolla. The versatile and affordable sporty car is perfect for the city slicker.