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Los Angeles Angels Albert Pujols. UPI/John Angelillo

Fantasy baseball is one of the original time-killers. The web has since exploded with all sorts of online games and fantasy sports. Tons of people are addicted to poker online and you can also play online bingo from OnlineBingo.com. Smartphones and apps have also taken a ton of gamer interest, and fantasy football has also surpassed fantasy baseball for many sports fans.

That said, tons of sports fans still play fantasy baseball, and right now the Albert Pujols situation has tons of virtual team owners getting anxious, not to mention the actual fans of the Los Angeles Angles.

Albert Pujols was the king of St. Louis. He won a World Series and was about to sign a monster contract. But that wasn’t good enough. Despite being offered millions by the mid-market team that had been his home for years, Pujols and his wife felt “disrespected” by the offers from the Cardinals. I guess in pure dollar terms they were right, as the owner of the Angels offered him a ridiculous contract to leave the Cardinals and come out to sunny SoCal to play for the Angels.

But with all that money comes serious pressure, and so far the mighty Pujols isn’t delivering. He doesn’t have a single home run yet as he and the team suffer from a brutal start to the season. Now none of us expect this to last, as he’s adjusting to a new league. He has the talent to break out at any time. But Angels fans and fantasy team owners have to be getting nervous. He’s 32 years old and has to be feeling the pressure. Now with each game the pressure mounts.

Of course all this can change quickly. Pujols is a beast and he could go on a tear. But in the early Major League Baseball season, this is one of the early storylines getting attention, along with the mess in Boston of course.


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