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Vaping 101: The E-Cigarette Etiquette


Vaping is still a relatively new trend. With an increasingly large pool of people vaping comes more exposure and scrutiny from the public. E-cigs are a contentious subject in the media at the moment; some love it, some hate it, but everyone’s talking about it. Unfortunately, that growth generates a few bad eggs – clueless vapers ruining it for those of us trying to go about our business peacefully and respectfully.

Maybe you’re one of those new vapers. You’ve taken the plunge, decided to quit smoking and purchased an e-cig starter kit and some e-liquids. You’re eager to vape freely, anywhere and everywhere to your heart’s content. Before you do, though, please be aware that vaping comes with a responsibility. The way vaping will be perceived in years to come is fundamentally linked to how we, as the early adopters of this trend, pave the way. Good etiquette will reflect positively on e-cigarette usage, so do us a solid and follow these simple tips and tricks to avoid giving vapers a bad name.

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Top EPL clubs fighting for title could be separated by Xmas fixtures


This season’s fight for the Premier League title is going to be one of the closest fought in the history of the EPL. At the moment, only four points separate the top five teams, and the first place position has changed many times. At the moment, it is Chelsea who leads the pack after going on a six-game winning streak without conceding a single goal. What makes it even more impressive is that they managed to turn things around so quickly after suffering a humiliating defeat to Arsenal 3-0. Since then, they have been playing like the team that won the title in 2014/15. The run they’re currently on has made them the favorites to be crowned champions with many of the best sport betting sites such as Totesport.

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The Best Gadget Christmas Gifts for Students


If you’re wondering what to get as a gift for the student in your life this Christmas, you really can’t go wrong when it comes to tech. Whether it’s a shiny new smartphone, an e-reader where they can download all of their textbooks, or even a new kitchen gadget to make cooking easier, technology is filled with great gift ideas for college students. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a young relative who’s off to college for the first time or your partner or friend has gone back to school to pursue an online EDD degree, we’ve listed some of the best gadget gifts that students will love.

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Blu Tuesday: Don’t Breathe, Pete’s Dragon and The BFG

Every Tuesday, I review the newest Blu-ray releases and let you know whether they’re worth buying, renting or skipping, along with a breakdown of the included extras. If you see something you like, click on the cover art to purchase the Blu-ray from Amazon, and be sure to share each week’s column on social media with your friends.

“Don’t Breathe”

WHAT: Three young thieves break into the house of a blind Iraq war veteran (Stephen Lang) who’s reportedly sitting on a large stash of money. But the man isn’t as innocent as he seems, and before long, the intruders (including Jane Levy and Dylan Minnette) are unexpectedly thrust into a fight for their lives.

WHY: Following his 2013 remake of “The Evil Dead,” it’s nice to see director Fede Alvarez return to more original genre fare like “Don’t Breathe,” which features one of the best horror premises in recent years. The film gets off to a cracking start as well, ramping up in intensity at every turn as the burglars slowly make their way into the blind man’s house, only to discover that they’re messing with the wrong guy. Unfortunately, while the first half is a really strong home invasion thriller that smartly uses its confined space and sound design to build suspense, “Don’t Breathe” is ruined by some lazy writing. Not only does it contain a really dumb twist that comes completely out of left field, but the characters are so idiotic that their poor decision-making skills will have you pulling your hair out. It’s been a while since the horror genre has had protagonists this patently stupid, and when combined with the sheer implausibility of certain events, it turns what could have been a new cult classic into just another mediocre B-movie.

EXTRAS: In addition to an audio commentary by director/co-writer Fede Alvarez, co-writer Rodo Sayagues and actor Stephen Lang, there’s a collection of featurettes on the cast, production design and score, and eight deleted scenes with optional commentary.


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Paso’s Peachy Canyon closes in on 30 years

Since 1988, Peachy Canyon has been producing distinct wines from Paso Robles. As with many wineries that have been in Paso that long, Zinfandel stands at the core of what they do. Over the years, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rhone varieties, and in a couple of cases, fine Pinot Noir have popped up and made a stand in Paso. However, Zinfandel remains the grape that many people think of and drink when they pop the cork on a bottle of Paso wine for the very first time.

That’s a good thing, too, because Paso Robles has a ton of producers growing and bottling distinct examples of Zinfandel. Some are single vineyard efforts, others Paso wide cuvees, and still more focus on a sub appellation. Peachy Canyon has their fair share of Zinfandels in a wide portfolio. Here’s a look at some current Zinfandel releases, as well as a couple of other fine wines from Peachy Canyon.


Peachy Canyon 2014 Incredible Red ($14)

This is mostly Zinfandel (98%) with a splash of Petite Sirah (2%) blended in. If you’re looking for that everyday house red that provides lots of hedonistic drinking pleasure for a reasonable price, here’s a more than solid option. Black fruit aromas and Mexican vanilla bean are evident on the nose. The palate is full flavored, juicy and loaded with red and black fruit flavors. Boysenberry, bits of brown sugar and more are evident on the above average and somewhat lusty finish.

Peachy Canyon 2012 Cirque du Vin ($19)

This blend is comprised of Syrah (60%), Petite Sirah (28%), Zinfandel (5%), Merlot (3%), Malbec (2%) and Tannat (2%). Violet and plum aromas lead the nose. The palate is filled with bits of savory herb, dried cherry, raspberry and more. A touch of bacon fat leads the finish along with bits of toast and continued fruit flavors. This seamless blend will satisfy a crowd with varied tastes. The under-$20 price point makes it a no-brainer purchase.

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