Now’s the Time to Invest in Wearable Technology

Whether you use them for GPS fitness and nutritional intake information, physical activity and life sign monitors, or merely to combine all that you love in your smartphone in something compact, stylish, and wrapped around your wrist, wearable gadgets are only now beginning to captivate public attention in dramatic ways. With untold health-related and even virtual reality-based technologies on the horizon, it’s time for your company to get ahead of the curve and start investing in wearable technology in a major way.


As can be gleaned from this graphic, the data sent and received by wearable devices around the world is anticipated to increase (and almost double) in each year from now until the end of the decade. The market for wearable tech is estimated to reach close to 13 billion dollars per year by 2018, and according to Forbes, over 70 percent of young adults aged 16 to 24 desire some form of wearable tech. Just as mobile applications emerged, then irrevocably changed the way customers interact with brands, wearable technology is set to make a profound and fascinating impact on popular culture, consumerism, and lifestyle branding in the near future.

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