Lost your wallet? Don’t panic!


It doesn’t matter where you are, the discovery that you have lost your wallet can be a hammer blow to you. After all, the chances are that you’ve got your credit and debit cards in there, your social security card, even your driver’s license. Maybe you’re also carrying public transit passes and perhaps you’re toting about some cash for those quick purchases.

It may feel like the end of the world but it’s not if you act quickly and know what you need to do. It’s easy to think about where you might have lost your wallet – did you leave it somewhere accidentally, did it drop out of a pocket and you didn’t notice, or could a pickpocket have taken it?

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Bellroy Hide and Seek Black Leather Wallet


Is it time to replace that beat up old wallet you’ve been carrying around? Take a look and you might be surprised you could use a new one.

There are tons of great options at The Wallet Shoppe and we tried out the new Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet in black leather. It’s elegant and functional with four quick-access pockets that can fit 4-10 cards and is available in black, cocoa and java.

A new wallet can also be a great gift so check out The Wallet Shoppe for a wide variety of styles. You can follow them on Facebook as well.