Friday Video – Panic! At the Disco, “Ready to Go”

Again with that goddamn exclamation point. And to think we thought it was lost forever. D’oh.

When we last saw the then-puncuation-free Panic at the Disco, they were getting their Beatles on in a big way with 2008’s Pretty. Odd. We, of course, thought it was awesome, but the younger members of their fan base hated it, which shows that their parents didn’t play the Beatles for them when they were growing up and have therefore failed society as a whole, but that’s another story. The band, now a duo after the departure of their bassist and guitarist (the latter of whom was also their primary songwriter), the band’s new album Vices and Virtues is a unapologetic swipe at the brass ring, and few songs on the album demonstrate that better than new single “Ready to Go.” With the sky-high “Oh oh ohhhhh” in the chorus, Panic (sorry, but we cannot bring ourselves to use that exclamation point again) seems to be going after Katy Perry’s babysitting money demographic, and to be fair, that’s not a bad play. The tune is damn catchy, and better yet, Brendon Urie can sing.

Will it work? Who knows. It’s damn near impossible to get a hit these days, even for established artists. But after Urie won us over in an interview earlier this year, it’s hard not to root for the guy.


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