6 Ways To Increase The Resale Value Of Your Vehicle


Your car isn’t just about getting from A to B. Sometimes it’s an investment that, if chosen wisely and with a few little additions, can reap a solid financial return. If you’re looking to add some value to your vehicle, here are 6 easy and affordable ways to increase its resale price.

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Perfect Match: Finding the Right Car for Your Lifestyle

2014 Lexus IS

It’s not always the best idea to be swayed by a particular make or model of vehicle just because you happen to like it. Most people buy vehicles on emotion – the color strikes an emotional chord, they get wrapped up in the engine specs, or they have an emotional attachment to the manufacturer.

But, most of the time, it works out better if you choose a vehicle that suits your lifestyle. Here’s how to get the right vehicle without paying a premium for non-essential emotional “features.”

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Bullz-Eye video interview with Adam Carolla


This week is Car Week, presented by Edmunds.com. We spoke to the ultimate gearhead, Adam Carolla, the former host of Love Lines and The Man Show, and current host of the most downloaded podcast in the history of the world, The Adam Carolla Show.

In the video below, we spoke to Adam about being a lonely man in a hotel room, his self-anointed middle name (Lakers) and Car Week, sponsored by Edmunds.com.

Check out this video of Carolla helping some unsuspecting Edmunds.com customers:

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Would Buying a Used Car Work for You?


Today, second hand car market is large and reliable. Many people can own used cars at affordable prices and enjoy driving them for years. This option shouldn’t be ignored easily without considering its merits. There are many reasons why people would go the route of purchasing a used automobile instead of a brand new one.

Why Would People Want to Buy Used Autos?

First of all, they may not have the money and don’t want to (or cannot) borrow. Some people just don’t want to invest too much money on cars. They are happy to take large mortgages to buy homes but they don’t feel the same way with cars. On the contrary, some people don’t care that they blow the down payment for a nice home on a new car. Everyone has priorities.

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Car sales are booming

Car sales continue to grow as the year moves on, particularly for the Big Three as they reported excellent sales figures for November. The key is that the economy in the US is improving and that’s having an impact on car sales. Another important factor involves the tighter supply of used cars in this country and other countries as well.

With the economic crisis, car sales plunged for several years. With fewer new cars purchased in beginning in the fall of 2008, through 2009 and into 2010, that affects the number of used cars available now. The result is a somewhat altered car market as used cars are going for higher prices. But that also makes it easier to trade in your used car, and that then accelerates new car purchases.

So if you’re looking for a used car, whether in the United State or in other countries, you have to be even more committed to doing research before you buy a car in order to get the best deal. Car dealers aren’t as desperate to move used cars given the tighter supply and greater demand, so you have to get more information about used car prices as you do your search. You should definitely consider a wide variety of models in your category as well to give you the best chance of getting a good price. Now, if you’re in the UL and you’re absolutely committed to buying a used Vauxhall Astra, then that’s what you should search. Hopefully you’re a little more flexible. People who like a Ford Focus should also think about a Mazda or maybe a Chevy. Keep an open mind and you’ll get a better price, but either way, make sure you do your research.


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