Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton in line to win first ring

8 2016 Gatorade POY may not be a football betting website, but if NFL Media senior analyst Gil Brandt’s predictions are to be credited, Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton tops the list of quarterbacks who could win their first NFL championship ring in 2016, surpassing the likes of Carson Palmer, Andy Dalton, Alex Smith and Teddy Bridgewater. Newton may have retired the ‘Dab’ and sport a new look with a blonde goatee and straw hat, but if he keeps up his gridiron performance from last season, he may very well be set to disrupt the dominance of Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and the Manning brothers – who have won 10 of the past 15 Super Bowls.

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Who’s Going Down in the English Premier League?


We caught up with the team over at Bet on Brazil and had something of a rambling conversation about next year’s Premier League results. Looking at the top end of the table, it’s certainly going to be very competitive. But who will slip back into the Championship? Here are some of the candidates:

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Best upcoming sports events to bet on


Betting on sporting events has a history spanning many times and cultures. There’s something about having a flutter that gets the pulses racing, and we wouldn’t mind betting that our early ancestors had the odd wager on who could throw their rock the furthest or outrun an angry cave bear. There’s certainly plenty of evidence that ancient Romans bet on gladiatorial events, and sporting events throughout the ages have always been accompanied by gambling.

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Why Everyone Should Visit a Sports Bar On Game Day

girl in nightclub

If you have never been to a sports bar for game day than you are missing out on a really good time. Sports bars literally come alive on game day, the bigger the day the more the action. Sports bars are geared up for the big and small games.

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Sports betting – Moneyball or instinct?

stacks of 100 bills

If you love your sport, the chances are that you also enjoy the odd wager here and there; this adds a little excitement to games you may not otherwise hugely care about.

Interestingly, the chances are also that you’ve generally lost money in this endeavor over the years, despite having the odd big win here and there. This is the pattern most sports fans see across different sports over the history of their gambling activity over a number of years. The bookies aren’t in business to give away free cash and their careful mark-up of the odds is generally designed to put you in a slightly disadvantageous position, statistically speaking, before the game or race etc., gets underway.

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