Friday Video – The Jayhawks, “Big Star”

When this piece goes live, we will be in the Ceres Cafe, housed in the Chicago Board of Trade, sharing drinks with coworkers from our previous life as white collar stiffs, in anticipation of seeing something we never thought we’d see in our lifetime: the definitive lineup of the Jayhawks, reunited and touring. It sickens us that these guys weren’t bigger, though at the same time, we’re selfishly glad to have them to ourselves…and a few thousand other equally devoted fans.

The band’s first two major label albums, Hollywood Town Hall and Tomorrow the Green Grass, just received the deluxe reissue treatment from Legacy, the kings of the reissue. Last night, they played Hollywood Town Hall in its entirety. Tonight, it’s Green Grass, bar none our favorite Jayhawks record and one of our favorite albums EVER. Sadly, they will probably not be playing the song that’s in this week’s Friday Video, as it was released after Tomorrow the Green Grass, and Jayhawks singer/guitarist Gary Louris told us that they would likely focus on the material that he and founder Mark Olson – who left the band shortly after they finished touring behind Green Grass – recorded together. But we couldn’t help but pick this video because it depicts the world in which we should be living. These guys should have been huge.

Then again, they have a new record on the horizon, one that’s supposed to be the logical follow-up to Tomorrow the Green Grass, so maybe this is the year. You hear that, people? This is their year. (*waves timepiece back and forth*) You will buy Jayhawks records, you will buy Jayhawks records…


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