Top 5 Soccer Apps and Games


Soccer fans usually can’t get enough, so here are some apps and games you should check out:

Goal Fantasy Football (

Undisputedly one of the greatest fantasy soccer apps available. In its latest version, Goal Fantasy Football allows you to pick from three separate competitions: the English League, the Champions League and a European Super League to create your own ultimate team and try and best your friends. The app has a fantastic database of players, gives you up-to-date football news, allows you to take on individual managers head-to-head, and if you get bored with all of that, there is also a pretty fun soccer quiz included.

Forza Football (FootballAddicts)

There are lots of apps for live score updates, but Forza is a head above the rest. The key is in the detail, and Forza is beautifully detailed. Pre-match team line-ups include formations and player photos, you can set up your favorites and receive personalized notifications, and post-match highlights are also available. You can also have your opinion spread around the world by answering the in-app polls.

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