Man vs dandruff

I don’t think the woman comes with the dandruff shampoo . . .


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Product Review: PERT Plus Classic Clean

For a long time I thought PERT Plus was just for old people. I still remember seeing the crusty old green bottle in the corner of my shower as a youth. Nothing about it said “cool” or “refreshing” — it was sort of an 80s standard that my dad used religiously, right next to his ceramic bottle of Old Spice.

While Old Spice has recently rejuvenated and repackaged itself to much acclaim, PERT Plus is also attempting a comeback, like Newt Gingrich. But unlike Newt, being repackaged and reintroduced to the public is going to be good for PERT Plus because it has substance and has been developed further than its original incarnation.

Even though 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner products now proliferate the market, PERT Plus was actually the first one to ever hit the market, back in 1987. As a result, the product has had to progress and distinguish itself. Classic Clean is one of six different available kinds of PERT Plus 2 in 1, which now has specialized versions for specific needs: Volumizing, Classic Clean for general use, Moisturizing, Invigorating and Anti-Dandruff. There is even a 3 in 1 product containing shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

I received my bottle of 2 in 1 PERT Plus Classic Clean and immediately popped the lid to take a whiff to see what kind of a scent I was dealing with. I remember the PERT of my youth having a heavy chemical smell that singed your nose hairs and burned your nostrils, and the experience of using it on your head was not dissimilar to the scent. But I was pleasantly surprised, because the scent of the new PERT Plus was fresh and pleasant. The scent itself actually smelled the way the color of the bottle looked — clean, crisp and breezy.

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Review: Vitaman – Natural grooming for men

We recently received product from Vitaman which are male grooming products from Australia that use the ancient wisdom of the Australian indigenous people through native plant extracts. According to Vitaman these rare fruits and herbs offer genuine and natural solutions to both skin, hair and well being of all men.

The Face Moisturiser helps nourish dry and tired looking skin and has a great smell. This is a great product for guys who like to keep their skin in great condition and smelling good. But before you use the face moisturiser you’ll need a good face cleansing and that’s where the Vitaman face and body cleanser comes into play as this product really helps wash and reinvigorate your skin while preparing face stubble before shaving. Like the other Vitaman products the smell is clean and refreshing! One of my favorites of the Vitaman products was the shampoo mainly because of the extra volume it gave my hair.

You can find most of what Vitaman has to offer at their online store l and we found most products starting around $25. For those men looking for high quality men’s grooming products you might want to add Vitaman to your shopping list!