Shoot the Centerfold seminar 3 best yet; Top Playboy editors give expert advice

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“Remember, there is no ‘winging it’ in professional photography….” Playboy Centerfold photographer Arny Freytag stated clearly to the rapt crowd before him. I quickly glanced around the room and you could have heard a pin drop. A few squirmed in their chairs, perhaps recalling a previous moment or two back at their photo studio, thereby reminding themselves again why they had traveled from around the world to attend this event. It was the 3rd installment of the Shoot the Centerfold seminar, this time in Las Vegas, Nevada, from September 14 -16 and Bullz-Eye was there. Here, top photographers from around the world gathered to learn how to shoot centerfold-quality images from Playboy Magazine’s best shooters, and with three stunning and current Playboy Playmates as their subjects. The newly remodeled Tropicana Hotel once again was the featured showcase venue. Jarmo Pohjaniemi, Arny Freytag and David Mecey were the three keynote instructors and, for the first time, both editors Jeff Cohan and Gary Cole added editorial guidance to the photographers who attended the event.

The three ringleaders have honed their craft even more since the first Shoot the Centerfold event took place in Hollywood, Florida, at the Hard Rock Casino & Resort. As before, each had their own stunning glamour photo set, with flexible lighting change-ups to instruct the lensmen how to best capture beauty, figure and form.



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Preview of TK’s Fourth of July Party at 5 Star Island

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Some people really know how to throw a party and also have the means to do it. Thomas Kramer (also known as TK) has been hosting spectacular parties at his 5 Star Island Mansion for years, and he’s planning a huge bash for the Fourth of July. All of his parties feature tons of beautiful women and a much smaller group of successful men, and part of the proceeds for this party will go towards relief for the earthquake victims in Haiti. You can go to World of TK for more information on how to purchase tickets for this exclusive event or donate directly to the Haiti victims.

We’ve posted some photos from TK’s last party at 5 Star Island where our current Featured Model, Rose Chiauzzi attended, and below you can see a video prepared by TK’s staff for the last party. With a spectacular location, amazing guests and great music, everything is possible!

I spoke with TK this week to ask him about the upcoming Fourth of July party and I started with the selection of the charity. He explained, “I’m working closely with Michael Capponi, and part of the proceeds of whatever ticket sales we have will go to Haiti and the people in the camps, and that’s our main objective, to address the immediate needs of the earthquake victims.” TK hosts numerous charity events at 5 Star Island through his Thomas Kramer Foundation, saying that “it’s made for parties and events” so he takes advantage of that for charitable causes as well.

The party will be held on 5 Star Island, which we visited recently with the Bullz-Eye Bikini Team. TK told me how back in the 90s this island was used as a “waste bin” by Miami Beach until he bought up most of the homes on the island and began the process of transforming it into one of the most luxurious and exclusive residential areas in South Florida. TK is also known for his development South Pointe, which helped to transform South of Fifth neighborhood of South Beach with high-rise luxury apartments.

I asked TK what guests can expect at his Fourth of July party, and he said, “The greatest group of beautiful girls you’ve ever seen in bikinis all over this world! So far about 250 female guests are attending.” Women get in to all of his parties for free, but they need to apply for tickets on his site. TK explained the importance of the ratio of having many more women compared to the small number of male guests make these parties. “That’s part of my whole pitch. I’m having people flying in from Saudi Arabia, Germany, London and from all over the world for my parties because they know the ratios are quite favorable for the boys at my events. I just don’t let anyone in like night clubs and that’s why I do events at my house.”

He also explained the importance of networking and how the parties he throws are more than just a great time. He’s sees his work and his lifestyle as intricately intertwined – “It’s a mindset. For me, it’s all one. You don’t divide it. My main work is networking. Instead of traveling through the world, nonstop, like most executives, I have the world come to me. With honey you catch bees, and that’s what I’m doing.”

This of course, is an added benefit for the people who purchase tickets to his events. Not only are they surrounded by beautiful women in the ultimate party atmosphere, the networking opportunities with the other guests are significant. “I have the highest average of billionaires per party than anyone else in the world.” He went on to explain: “I’m asking for a competitively high donation because I just want to have a certain group of people partying with my girlfriends and friends. And I don’t want to lower the standards and make the hurdle to low. You want less people and therefore higher quality and more beautiful girls, and the 30 to 40 guys you are going to meet here are something you aren’t usually going to be able to mingle with in such an intimate location.”

You can still purchase tickets to this event and probably have the best Fourth of July you can remember. If you can’t make it, check back here for photos of videos from the party!