Product Review: Rabbit Habbit Aphrodisiac Nectar

Why don’t male rabbits make any noise while they’re having sex? Because they have cotton balls! But maybe if they had Rabbit Habbit, they couldn’t help but make more noise.

Rabbit Habbit is the only “aphrodisiac nectar” on the market, so to call it an energy drink really doesn’t do it any justice, because it isn’t one of those. Not only is it a “sexual enhancement tool” for your tool, but it’s a great mixer as well.

Rabbit Habbit isn’t an energy drink and you can tell from the ingredients. Instead of being completely loaded with sugar or caffeine alone, RH is comprised of natural ingredients designed to increase blood flow to your most important of organs — the ones that help you make sexy time. Included in this spread of natural ingredients is horny goat weed, yohimbe, catuaba, damiana leaf and muira puama.

But what about the taste, Paul? Even if it is effective, what good is it if it tastes terrible? Well friend, you’ll be happy to know that it actually tastes very good. I would describe it as sort of a fruity taste, that mixes well, especially with vodka or any other clear liquor.

But there are actually several other drink ideas that make Rabbit Habbit more than just a sexually based energy beverage; it’s actually just as effective as a mixer, thanks to the taste. Like tequila? Try the Walk of Shame, a mix of 1 oz of tequila with a mix of 1 oz of Rabbit Habbit. Or how about the Roger Rabbit; 2 oz of white rum, 2 oz pineapple juice and ½ a can of Rabbit Habbit? Click here for a full chart on Rabbit Habbit Mixology.

So Paul, what were the effects? First, I tried Rabbit Habbit on its own, by shooting the entire can down my gullet. Within five minutes I felt a tingle in my dingle but also extremely energized. It seemed like my blood flow increased to all my appendages (which I attributed to the yohimbe specifically) and my mood in general lightened up. The 8.4 oz can itself was easy to drink down in one shot because it tasted really good.

The next night I drank a can mixed with some vodka with a girlfriend in preparation for a night out. She was equally impressed by the taste, but also by the quick effects — according to her the Rabbit Habbit amplified the speed of her buzz in conjunction with the vodka. After two more drinks, the kissing started and I woke up in her bed, covered in sweat. We didn’t even make it out to the club.

Rabbit Habbit really delivered exactly what it promised. Additionally, the taste was great whether you drink it on its own, or as a mix to complement your favorite liquor. Just make sure you have some extra clean sheets for your bed. Order yourself a case today via the site:


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