Broadway SR boots from Lugz

Lugz sent us a pair of their new Broadway SR boots just in time for the winter season. Lugz has just released this new line called “The Elite Collection” that is “built for the streets.”

The rugged and stylish boots are very comfortable with a cushioned insole and padded leather tongue. The boots feature leather uppers and slip-resistant rubber soles for superior grip,and we liked the all-black look. They’re great for everyday use and you can wear them out as well with jeans. At $69.99 the boots are also a great value.

Check out the Lugz page on Facebook as Lugz is giving some away.


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WOWee ONE Slim is the ultimate portable speaker

Of all the gadgets we’ve tested recently, the WOWee ONE Slim Portable Speaker is one of our favorites. This portable speaker works with all sorts of phones and gadgets, from iPhones and iPads to other MP3 players. It’s about the size of a deck of cards and easily plugs into any device with an audio jack. All of a sudden you can have a party.

It’s amazing how much sound can be pumped out of such a small device. The WOWee turns flat, solid surfaces like tables, counters, bumpers, hoods and truck beds into bass-filled sound systems using patented gel technology. The sound changes depending on the type of surface and you can really feel the base on some surfaces. Try it on different surfaces and see which sounds best.

It’s perfect for events like tailgates as it provides about 10 hours of tunes and can turn your grill/cooler/hood into a high-end sound system for the whole parking lot. It’s also great for impromptu parties as it can fit in your pocket, computer bag or glove compartment. Take it on a trip and have parties in your hotel room or by the pool. The possibilities are endless.

We tested the Slim Power Base version and loved the sound. You can get it at Amazon for $79.99, and other versions are even less expensive. This makes a great gift for the holidays and we highly recommend it!


Rugged iPhone case from Ballistic

There are all sorts of iPhone cases out there, so you have plenty of options depending on your needs and tastes. If you’re active or work in an outdoor or construction setting, you should consider a rugged case that can hook onto your belt.

We tried out the new Universal Sport Rugged Pouch from Ballistic and found it to be an excellent option. The iPhone fits snugly into the case and it’s very easy to get to your phone with the case on your side. You can hear your calls with the Soundvent and the Velcro strap keeps the phone in the case. Whether you’re hiking or working, this makes getting to your phone easy and simple, and it’s a much better option than having the phone in your pocket. It’s also much safer as well.

You may not want to use it when you go out to dinner, but for everyday use the Universal Sport is a great option.


Product Review: AXE Hold + Touch Styling Products

When I received the new AXE Hold + Touch hair styling products, I was skeptical. Too many times in the past I had fallen prey to styling products that you could squeeze out of a tube that simply didn’t work.

More often than not, these products had the consistency and holding power of Dep or LA Looks (for all you children of the 80s and 90s), and no matter how many layers you glopped on, the product wouldn’t hold — it would merely coat your hair, mat it down and make it look sweaty, like Colin Farrell’s portrayal of Don Johnson in Miami Vice. Or, Don Cheadle in any movie he has ever been in. And guess what guys? Chicks hate the sweaty, Vaseline hair look.

Anyway, it was impossible to style or spike your hair, or give it the appearance of body or texture with those aforementioned products. And generally, those products came in squeezable tubes — just like the AXE samples that were staring up at me from a recently opened UPS delivery parcel. “Yawn,” I thought.

After a Sunday morning workout in preparation of doing nothing but watching NFL football and drinking all day, I took a shower and decided to try the AXE Hold + Touch Paste for Fine Hair first of the three samples.

My hair is somewhere between thick and fine so I chose the Paste for Fine Hair first because, generally, pastes are pretty strong. But based on the texture of the Fine Hair product, I squeezed an excessive amount into my hands, rubbed them together and began to style my hair. As I applied it, I looked in the mirror and thought, “Yawn, how predictable; another inferior hair gel.”

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Product Review: Axe Fixers Line

In baseball in a critical situation, sometimes you need to put in a pinch hitter to change the flow and momentum of a game. Say you’re the Red Sox in the late 80’s and you’re down by a run in the ninth with men on second and third with two outs. Jody Reed enters the game and promptly slaps a pitch off the Green Monster for a double, scoring two runs, giving the BoSox the lead. The Axe Fixers line is like a young Jody Reed, leading the AL in doubles in 1990, completely changing the game.

The Axe Fixers line is a collection of shower gels and deodorant body sprays that are “designed to help guys revitalize the senses to fix their mind and change the game.” The collection is comprised of six fragrances:

– Axe Cool Metal
– Thai Massage
– Axe Rise
– Axe Shock
– Axe Snake Peel
– Axe Fever

The two most recent additions to the line, “Thai Massage” and “Cool Metal”, were the fragrances that I used to adorn my body. “Cool Metal” was a little more generic in terms of scent and feel; the scent itself reminded me of the “Original” scent of body wash from Old Spice. It also contains a strong dose of menthol which you could feel open up both the pores on your skin, and your nose and sinuses as well. It also contained quartz which may sound strange in a body wash, but it complemented the menthol nicely. “Cool Metal” was definitely more middle of the road than some of the other fragrances, more like a safe bet for someone making a transition from a similar body wash, definitely less exotic than the rest of the collection.

Speaking of exotic, “Thai Massage” was certainly that. Billed as containing “Tigergrass Oil and Bali Sea Salt” just the smell itself was more potent and practically whisked you away upon opening the lid. One thing I liked about “Thai Massage” that differed from Cool Metal were these tiny little yellow capsules in the gel. When you popped them open individually, a new scent was released, in addition to the primary scent. Ultimately “Thai Massage” had four different scents in one gel that were merged together- Tigeergrass Oil, Bali Sea Salt, Ginger and Sandalwood. I found the smells to be very relaxing and complemented each other nicely.

As far as the washing experience itself, both scents rinsed clean off with minimal scrubbing and didn’t leave behind any slimy residue. But it did leave behind a scent that was at least strong enough for my “special lady” that particular evening to smell. Her exact response was, “Wow you smell really fresh, compared to usual. What gives?”

In closing, “Cool Metal” was less exotic, more of a classic scent; something your dad may use. “Thai Massage” was my personal favorite and I swear I was more relaxed after using it.

Consider the “game changed.”