How to Stop Malicious Apps from Breaching Your Privacy?


The android community is gradually realizing that android devices send our personal information to private servers. Though some apps seek our permission before doing so, others simply don’t. But the underlying problem poses a greater threat.

A research team from the University of California, Berkeley, conducted a survey titled ‘A Survey of Mobile Malware in the Wild’ and found that most malicious activities are after user information, in addition to malware that was aimed at ransom fraud, credential theft, and SMS spam.

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Google Glass not welcome in Las Vegas?

Get ready for the Google Glass and camera revolution. We’re entering a new phase of the mobile technology revolution where everything around us or everything we observe can be recorded. We’ve seen how powerful video can be with people pulling out their smart phones when something happens, but with Google Glass and other devices that can constantly record what’s around you we’ve reached a new level.

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