Turn Your Phone into a Personal Financial Advisor

One of the primary advantages of living in a highly wired digital world is the ability to leverage mobile software to manage our finances on the go. Whether you prefer iOS, Android or BlackBerry, there’s an endless supply of mobile software on the market to help you keep track of bills and improve your finances. Here are five of the best currently available:


Easily one of the most capable cross-platform apps on the market for managing every aspect of your finances, boasts a bevy of features that should appeal to every consumer. It allows users to pay bills, check account balances, track investments and much more all from one handy interface. Available for iOS, BlackBerry and Android devices, it’s the perfect finance app for any platform.

Key Ring

A big part of prudent financial management is saving money whenever you can in your everyday life.Key Ring allows a user to dispose of their plastic loyalty and discount cards for grocery and electronics stores, gas stations and more by saving them digitally on their phone instead. Once you’ve digitized your loyalty accounts, you can check the app to see if there are any special deals currently available. With Key Ring, all you need to remember when you go out shopping is your smart phone.

Money Lover

The Money Lover app for iTunes and Google Play is yet another full-featured finance program that’s designed to track expenses and save money. Whether you’re looking to keep an eye on your consumer credit or trim some of the fat from your monthly budget, Money Lover is up to the task.


The Mint financial planning platform has been around for awhile now, and in that time it’s gained a large following online. Their mobile apps for Android and iOS allow you to link all of your financial accounts to one central administrative panel. With Mint’s handy mobile apps, you can find credit cards, manage bank accounts, track investments and more regardless of your location.

NestEgg Estimator

When it comes to planning for retirement, few apps can match NestEgg Estimator for Android in terms of value and features. It offers tips on how to lower taxes, 401K advice for maximizing returns over the long haul, interest calculators and more. If long-term financial planning is your primary concern, NestEgg Estimator is the way to fly.
Most of the best financial planning apps are cross-platform and can be used on an iPhone, an Android tablet or a BlackBerry handset. A few of the better ones like NestEgg Estimator are unfortunately tied to a single operating system. Regardless, it’s never been easier to manage your finances and plan for the future than it is today. Thanks to powerful and reliable mobile apps, you can easily manage your money directly from your mobile device.


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