LeBron James introduces the all-new Nike LEBRON 12 sneakers

Lebron James has had a very eventful summer as he decided to right a serious wrong by returning home to Cleveland to play with the Cavaliers. The season is coming up soon, and Lebron is capping off the summer by introducing his new Nike LEBRON 12 sneakers.

You can see from the photos above that they’re going with a bold and colorful design. Miami Dolphins fans will love the color choices! With bold colors dominating the sneaker and athletic gear markets, this will probably go over very well.

The LEBRON 12 is designed to enhance James’s explosiveness while combining three key benefits: superior cushioning, harnessed support and natural flexibility. It’s hard not to be impressed with the advances in sneaker technology, and Nike has been leading the way for years.

So if you’re looking for a bold, new look for the fall, you might want to check these out. Just don’t wear them with your LeBron/Cavs gear — unless, of course, you like colors that clash!


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Nike celebrates the Tiempo Premier in style

On July 17, 1994, two teams took to the pitch in Pasadena, California to play for football’s biggest prize. While all 22 players shared the same dream of winning, ten wore the same boot – Nike’s first for football – the Tiempo Premier. Its black and white color palette was classically football, but the athletes who wore them were anything but. These athletes would go on to represent a new guard, imbuing football with youth, speed, excitement, brilliance and forever changing the face of the game. They showed unparalleled confidence in choosing an upstart company, and over the next 20 years, this rebellious attitude would shape some of the best players football has ever seen. But one fact always rings true: it all began with the Tiempo.

As far as introductions go, they don’t get much better than Nike’s tribute to the debut of its popular Tiempo line, and in celebration of the shoe’s 20th anniversary, the company has released two new styles that are sure to please longtime fans and further revolutionize the sport as we know it.

First up is the Nike Tiempo ’94, a throwback to the original Tiempo Premier that draws inspiration from its iconic design, including a black stitched leather upper, contrasting white swoosh and suede overlays. Additionally, there’s a splash of orange on the lower instep that extends to the Phylon midsole fitted within the premium gum cup sole for lightweight cushioning, as well as exposed flex grooves designed to maximize comfort and natural motion. The coolest thing about the Tiempo ’94, however, is that it can either be worn with the retro oversized tongue attached or removed for a different (and admittedly more modern) look. Though the shoe may seem a lot bulkier than its closest competition, the Tiempo ’94 is comparable to the adidas Samba in quality and comfort, only without that annoying squeaking problem and with twice the flair.

For those looking to really leave an impression on the pitch, the new Tiempo Legend V is one of the flashiest boots around, combining a two-tone look with metallic flourishes throughout, perhaps most noticeably on the mirror-like tongue. But for as stylish as the Legend V may be, it’s the improved design features that warrant the most attention, geared towards providing players with the lightest touch and performing in all conditions. Through enhanced fit and innovative materials, the Tiempo Legend V not only brings the upper (and therefore the ball) closer to the foot, resulting in some of the best control you’ll ever experience, but also offers a solution to the age-old problem of water absorption. Nike’s All Conditions Control (ACC) technology has been applied to the ultra-soft kangaroo leather uppers to block moisture and allow for a consistent touch regardless of weather, while the second layer of hydrophobic mesh ensures that the boot dries quickly and absorbs less water than previous leather boots. That may not sound as groundbreaking as creating a more lightweight shoe or one with added protection, but most soccer players know all too well the effect that the elements can have on their game, so it’s nice to see that Nike has finally addressed this issue.

With two great styles to choose from, the question on most people’s minds will undoubtedly be: if you had to pick just one, which shoe would you pick? But the answer isn’t that cut-and-dry, because you can’t really compare the two. The Nike Tiempo ’94 is more of a casual street shoe, and although it’s not something you’ll necessarily want to wear to play soccer on a consistent basis, it’s good for the odd pickup game. The Nike Tiempo Legend V, on the other hand, is one of the best performance cleats on the market, and for those looking to upgrade, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better designed soccer boot than this. Of course, you could always just buy both.

The Nike Tiempo ’94 (in a low and mid version) and Nike Tiempo Legend V are now available for purchase on Nike.com and other retailers. For more information, follow Nike Soccer on Facebook and Twitter.


Nike is going to pimp your college football team

Before their fight songs ring throughout the stadiums and they storm the fields, nine of the top college football programs in the country will lace their cleats and buckle their chin straps while donning uniquely designed, highly advanced Nike uniforms for at least one game during the upcoming 2011-12 season.

Of course, we’re still not entirely sure why Nike is turning this into such a big event. It seems like a whole lot of hoo-hah for only one game, and unless fans have the opportunity to buy their own version of these exclusive uniforms and gear, it’s hard to imagine many of them caring what their favorite teams are wearing as long as they win.

Still, the players themselves have to be pretty excited, as the Nike Pro Combat uniforms not only integrate the latest in performance innovation and design, but have been created using elements from each school’s rich history to capture their unique character. Long story short, it’s going to improve their overall game and make them look really cool doing it.

The teams selected for the honor of donning these one-of-a-kind uniforms include the United States Military Academy, Boise State University, University of Georgia, Louisiana State University, Michigan State University, the United States Naval Academy, Ohio State University, University of Oregon, and Stanford University.

The uniforms will hit the field on opening day of the 2011-12 college football season and throughout the year during some of the fiercest rivalries in the NCAA, with match-ups like Oregon vs. LSU on September 3rd, Michigan State vs. Michigan on October 15th, Ohio State vs. Wisconsin on October 29th, Stanford vs. Notre Dame on November 27th, and the annual service academy matchup between two of the nation’s most prestigious football programs – Army vs. Navy – on December 10th.


Friday Video – The Hours, “See the Light”

Any time we get a chance to bang the drum for this English duo/sextet (two official members, six touring members), we take it. Following their releases on this side of the pond can be a bit of a challenge; their (fab) 2009 album See the Light was available as a download on Amazon for about five minutes, and to the best of our knowledge, never saw an official US release on CD. The band’s “new” album, It’s Not How You Start, It’s How You Finish, is a Franken-album, compiling the best songs from See the Light and 2006’s Narcissus Road plus two new songs. And even that album has gone through release date hell, getting bumped from early October to late November. Oh well, better late than never, as far as we’re concerned.

To promote the long-overdue US release of their music – you’ve heard these guys already, though; that’s them playing in the background of that Nike “human chain” ad – the band wisely decided to recut the video for “See the Light,” where director Tony Kate (“American History X”) shoots Sienna Miller in a hospital gown losing her mind. The problem with the original clip is that it included audio of Sienna’s ramblings, sending the song to the background. And you don’t put this song in the background. One of those slow-burning, two-chord monsters, “See the Light” grows and grows until it explodes. In a world where all people focus on is negativity and mistakes – we are officially sick to death of reading the word ‘fail’ on the internet – it’s nice to see a band look at the positive. We see the light, fellas.

The Hours – “See The Light” 2010 Edit from Adeline Records on Vimeo.