Clear Men Scalp Therapy Interview with NFL All-Pro Tony Gonzalez


Tony Gonzalez is an NFL icon. A lock for the Hall of Fame when he retires, Gonzalez has the most receiving yards (14,268) and touchdowns (107) for a tight end in NFL history, and the second most receptions (1,242) all-time, trailing only 49ers legend Jerry Rice.

Recently, I spoke with the 17-year veteran about his partnership with Clear Men Scalp Therapy, “Marty Ball” and the evolution of the NFL. You can check out a transcription of the interview below, or just watch the embedded video of our discussion after the break.

Bullz-Eye: So Tony, what’s going on with you and Clear Men Scalp Therapy?

Tony Gonzalez: I teamed up with Clear Men Scalp Therapy because as you strive to be the perfect man, it starts with first impressions. And as a football player wearing a helmet all the time, we deal with flakes. They have flake free, dandruff free shampoo that really doesn’t dry your hair out and I love it. It smells great and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Bull-Eye: Speaking of flakes, how has the integration of social media in today’s world changed the way you interact with fans?

Tony Gonzalez: It’s a game changer; everyone has a voice. Let alone just athletes, anyone “famous” or whatever you want to call, everyone gets to voice their opinion. My 12-year-old son has a Facebook and Instagram and he’s like, ‘Dad why don’t you respond to me so I can get more friends?’ and all this stuff. As the professional athlete, it’s a blessing and a huge tool to reach whatever audience you want to reach. On the flip side of that, it’s a dangerous tool, if it’s used improperly and you see athletes putting stuff out there all the time. Once you push send, it’s on there forever; for the rest of your life and even when you leave the earth, people are still able to check out what you thought about a certain subject and it can be dangerous.”

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Who Needs Work in the NFL?

Each week 64% of Americans watch 6-10 hours of the National Football League throughout the US. And each year just as many have hopes that their team will make it all the way and be the big winners of the Super Bowl championship. Even fans that have never seen their team even come close, and hold out hope for miracles like the New Orleans Saints a few years ago. Everyone believes this is the year. But sadly, for many NFL teams they won’t even come close.

In 2012 we have seen the battles between the heavy hitters, but what about those who were trailing behind? What teams didn’t quite make it to the playoffs, or even halfway up the national roster? What about their season and now off season ventures?

This year the low team on the totem pole was the Kansas City Chiefs. With a 2-14 record the Chiefs had a rough year eventually firing their head coach and seeing the resignation of Scott Pioli, their General Manager. There is an upside though as they move ahead for the first draft pick in the 2013 season. Rumor has it they are looking at adding a quarterback to their team and right now there is a four way tie between Geno Smith of WVU fame, Ryan Nassib, Tyler Wilson, and Matt Barkley.

Another team that went 2-14 this season was the Jacksonville Jaguars. It seemed their quarterback was much to blame for this sad record and as it goes in the NFL head Coach Mike Mularkey was fired by the new GM. David Caldwell, the new GM, is excited however about rebuilding from the ground up in the offseason and next year the Jaguars could be good contenders. So if you are an avid fan or a season ticket holder, hold on to your Jacksonville Jaguars tickets because 2013 looks to be really exciting.

Although the Jets have two famed quarterbacks with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, they didn’t make it past #30 on the Fox Sports Power Ranking list. A lot of blame fell on Sanchez for playing poorly this year and not doing well with pre-snap reads. The QB coach is also being replaced and fans are looking at who may be coming in, and who else may be getting replaced this year. The 2013 draft is also crucial for the Jets as they have many holes to fill on their team roster and if they follow through with the expected cut of Calvin Pace in the offseason they will need a strong pass-rusher like Jarvis Jones.

Sadly another team that seems to have a quarterback that doesn’t quite cut it is the Oakland Raiders. It appears that QB Terrelle Pryor made a valiant effort for the 2012 season but fell just short of being all he needed to be for an NFL quarterback. There are hopes for the 2013 season however with newly signed contracts by running back Jon Hoese, nose tackle Johnny Jones, and a reserve contract for receiver Isaiah Williams.

The Eagles, the Titans, the Lions, and the Cardinals weren’t much better this season in their attempt for professional football glory. The reality is the NFL is a tough business to be in and with serious injuries like the Chiefs QB Robert Griffin III’s knee, or the Detriot Lions’ DT Nick Fairley’s shoulder, you never know where a team will end up when the first games of the season are played. But as much as you love to see your team succeed, a true fan will support their team through thick and thin, up and down, wins and loses always holding out hope for the next season, if nothing else.


Free picks for week one NFL action

The NFL is finally back after college football kicked off last week and the Cowboys surprised a lot of people on Wednesday night, so it’s time to get geared up for Sunday’s full lineup of games.

We have a new NFL lines page where you can find lines from a variety of sportsbooks. We’ll also be getting free picks through the year from our friend Vegas Vic, and you can subscribe to Doc’s Sports Service for weekly picks.

The theme for week one is hype. If you’re going to have any success, you need to dig way deeper than the hype you hear over and over again from ESPN and most national pundits. If you only listen to them, you’re probably convinced that Russell Wilson is the second coming of Steve Young and that the Browns can’t win a game. Wilson may end up being good, but none of us have any idea based on a couple of preseason performances. Those stats matter very little, and frankly they don’t make him any taller or more accurate. Meanwhile, everyone is down on the Browns. The team is very young, so naturally they might struggle. But what if Trent Richardson really is healthy? What if Brandon Weeden’s arm looks as good as it did in the preseason? Despite all the hype, I still think Weeden will be a much better pro quarterback than Wilson.

The key to picking games is understanding uncertainty. Just about every pundit assumed Dallas couldn’t beat the Giants. Adam Schein said the Cowboys had “no chance” to win that game. That’s an absurd statement in today’s era of unpredictability in the NFL. You have to dig much deeper.

Cleveland is a 9.5 point underdog at home against Philadelphia. If you base your bets on ESPN power rankings, you’ll probably jump on Philly. But we really have no idea how good the Browns might be with those new players, so I would avoid that game.

Because week one is so hard to predict, I like teaser bets that go counter to the hype. So you can tease down the 7 points New Orleans in giving at home to Washington down to 1 point – essentially making this a pickem game. I Like RGIII, but he’s going on the road to face Drew Brees in his first game, and the Saints have a chip on their shoulder.

I would pair this up with Arizona getting 3 points at home against Seattle. The spread here has shifted from Arizona giving 3 points to getting 3 points, all due to the Russell Wilson hype and the drama surrounding the Arizona quarterback situation. You can tease this up so that Arizona is getting 9 points at home against a rookie quarterback drafted in the third round!

There are never any guarantees of course, and all of this is just for fun. I recommend getting input from professional handicappers as they have so much more information on these games. But the preseason hype offers up some opportunities, and you can usually do better going against the herd.


NFL season kicks off tonight

The 2012 football season is finally here. College football kicked off last weekend, with Alabama humiliating Michigan in one of the most high-profile games of week one. Now the NFL gets into the act tonight with the Dallas Cowboys traveling to New York to face the Super Bowl Champion Giants.

Our NFL lines page is now more robust, as it’s powered by SBRodds and features lines from a number of sportsbooks.

We’ll be posting free picks throughout the year from some top handicappers. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you probably won’t do very well just following the herd. For example, last year everyone was convinced that the Cincinnati Bengals would have trouble winning one game with their rookie quarterback. They made the playoffs. This year you’re hearing some of the same stuff about the Cleveland Browns. But if Trent Richardson turns out to be healthy and Brandon Weeden pans out, this team could surprise some people. Meanwhile, the Bengals have lost two starters on the offensive line and Andy Dalton might be facing a sophomore slump. The NFL can be very unpredictable, so be careful about listening to the loudest voices.

Another hyped player this year is Russell Wilson. Yes, he’s looked good in preseason, but let’s wait to see him play one in one real game before electing him to the Hall of Fame and handing the division to the Seahawks.

You don’t have to bet of course to enjoy picking against the spread, as the are plenty of free football pools out there. Still, there are few things like spending a fall weekend in Las Vegas where you can spend the entire day at the sportsbook. Enjoy!


Amber Priddy shows off her curves

Our latest model slideshow is timely in that the lovely Amber Priddy is in the news today. is reporting that Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is in even more trouble with new wife Evelyn Lozada, as he’s been secretly dating model Amber Priddy. Chad has had a rough couple of weeks, and now his celebrity dating life is getting exposed for all to see.

We’re fortunate to have this gallery of Amber Priddy courtesy of Black Men Magazine, and if you like your ladies curvy you’re going to love Amber Priddy. Amber is of German and Italian descent and she happy to show off her assets in some skimpy lingerie. Enjoy, and check out Black Men Magazine for more exotic models! brings you some of the sexiest Internet Models from around the web, along with producing our own original glamour photography in channels like our Featured Model and Girl Next Door sections. Check everything out starting on our Opposite Sex page. Contact us if you want your photos featured or if you’d like to shoot with us (all models must be at least 18 years old.)


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