Removing clutter from your life

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With January winding town, it might be a good time to evaluate any resolutions you made at the beginning of the new year. Frankly it’s a pretty good tradition, as for many people it offers a chance for self-reflection and dealing with things that can improve their lives. Workout and diet resolutions are probably the most popular.

So, are you on track for your resolutions? Most people don’t stick with them, so the end of January is a great time to give yourself a grade. But it can also be a time to think of other goals. One idea that many of us should consider is all the stuff, aka junk, that we’ve been accumulating through the years. We live in a consumer driven society and there are so many pressures to buy more stuff. And over time it leads to clutter, which for some people can really get out of control.

Whittling down your pile of stuff has always been a fun past time with our tradition of garage sales. Then with sites like Craigslist, it became even easier to peddle your things, and new sites like HoodBiz are springing up all the time. It’s now so easy to remove all that clutter, and frankly you’ll be amazed how much this can improve your mood and productivity. It’s hard to have an organized life if you don’t have an organized home or office.

Now, be careful with these sites we mentioned. You’re also going to find cool stuff you want to buy as well. Resist the urge if you can, or at least pledge to sell four things for every one thing you buy.

Lastly, consider giving away your things as well. There are tons of great charities that distribute clothes and other useful items to the less fortunate.


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