Six Stylish Men’s Watches for Summer Fashion

Deisel watch2

As the season is changing from spring to summer, so are trends and styles. Men’s fashion is transitioning from pants to shorts in order to keep up with the heat, as well as the tones and functions of other accessories such as men’s watches. Perhaps the most iconic piece of men’s fashion apparel, the watch is an essential way to display your personal style and taste. Your summer watch doesn’t have to be basic with what this season has in store. Let your watch help define your taste, whether that be its uniqueness, precise mechanics or just zx a cool accessory.

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Kenneth Cole’s new Automatic collection of watches

Watches always make a great gift for Father’s Day, so check out the new Automatic collection of watches from Kenneth Cole.

They sent us the KC 1631 model to check out and we loved it. The Automatics are truly unique as they offer exposed gears on both sides of the watch. Our model had a black band and a large face that highlighted the skeleton dials so it definitely grabs attention. Yet it’s stylish without being gaudy. The watches also feature a self-wind function that automatically powers your watch by the motion of your body. No batteries are required.

These watches make a great gift for the dad who appreciates style and also wants something new. The Automatics are unlike anything else in his collection. This applies to you as well. Watches make great accessories, and having something unique yet elegant will give you a great option for everyday use and also nights on the town.

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Bottoms Up Timepiece review

Happy Hour Timepieces contacted us regarding their new “Bottoms Up” watch that helps makes happy hour more fun than ever! The new Bottoms Up watch is not your normal wrist watch as this accessory sports a patented bottle opener built seamlessly into the band buckle. That’s correct folks your watch can now double up as a back up bottle opener. (That’s a very cool idea in my book) I tested the opener on a fine Domestic beverage for review purposes only (ha ha) and it worked like a charm.

This watch also look sharp! Our review watch has a thick black leather strap with a gold gradient face which looked very sporty and stylish. I had more than a few compliments and when I told them that the Bottoms Up timepiece can also open bottles it quickly became a conversation “piece” as well.

You can learn more at and for a suggested retail price tag of $149.95 this could be a great watch to add to your stable of timepieces.