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Friday Video – Hey Champ, “Neverest”

Two words: dolphin boobies. That is not a misprint.

The synth-pop scene has been positively flooded with shitty bands in the last couple years, poseur tools who think whacking a few notes on a synth and acting snotty is all you need to do. But even the simplest kinds of music take sophistication to pull off naturally, and Hey Champ understand that better than most. They also understand astronomy and science fiction, as their (awesome) album Stars is littered with references to steampunk and the Uranus moon Trinculo. Fortunately, those brainy moments are wrapped in some unforgettable hooks, and “Neverest” is one of the hookiest songs the band’s done yet.

And the video…where to start? The band are trapped in some neon pyramid, performing the song for some strange warlord who’s flanked by two topless babes…with breasts shaped like dolphin heads. Your girlfriend will love you for putting this in her iTunes library, but you should probably keep her away from the video, unless you absolutely want to make sure that you don’t get laid tonight.


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