Review of Rick’s Cabaret in New York City

The first thing you notice when entering a gentlemen’s club is the quality of the talent. When I walked into Rick’s Cabaret in New York City recently for a night of fun and relaxation, I saw exactly what I expected from an upscale gentlemen’s club – tons of beautiful girls! You can have a great location and plush décor, but none of that matters without the entertainers.

Once you’re surrounded by eye candy, you can sit back with your drink and really get the feel for a place. Finding decked out, upscale clubs in New York is easy, but the atmosphere can vary greatly. At Rick’s I found a fun and relaxed atmosphere that put me at ease immediately. I noticed it right away with the attitude of the girls and the staff, and the cozy feel of the venue added to the experience. The idea is to have fun and everyone at Rick’s Cabaret gets it.

The tone is set in large part by Lonnie Hanover who is a legend in the New York nightlife scene. Howard Stern fans will recognize him as the guy who always takes care of Howard and the crew from his show. When they need a night on the town, Lonnie handles it, and they’ve been coming to Rick’s ever since Lonnie moved there. Lonnie knows how to show people a good time and celebrities from all over flock to Rick’s because they know Lonnie will take care of them. Anyone looking for privacy can request entrance through one of the side doors direct to the private VIP suites. But this sense of hospitality permeates the culture at Rick’s so that every customer is treated well and everyone there wants you to have a good time.

The girls working at Rick’s are simply gorgeous and there’s something for everybody depending on your taste with plenty of bikini models and fashion model types mixed in with the sexy girl next door. The key is that they’re all very friendly which you don’t always find in the upscale clubs.

With the decked out venue with 10,000 square feet and classy atmosphere, Rick’s Cabaret is naturally a great spot for entertaining business clients as well. The club features a great steakhouse so you can make a full night of it and the VIP area on the top floor is second-to-none. Throw in the smoking deck on the roof and great views of the city and you can indulge in anything you like. But you don’t have to break the bank to have a great time here. The atmosphere throughout the club makes it an ideal spot to party with a group or spend some quality time with one of the entertainers. Their website features daily specials including lunch and drink deals.

They also come up with great promotions like Rick’s Basketball Association during the NBA lockout. Check out the pics in the slideshow above where former NBA star Spud Webb is introduced as coach of Rick’s Cabaret/New York City team. “The girls love Spud,” said New York team member Sky. “We picked him to be coach because he’s such an inspiration to people.” The New York team will be playing against teams of dancers from the Minneapolis Downtown Cabaret and Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami. That should be fun!

There’s nothing worse than paying the cover at a gentlemen’s club and then being disappointed when you walk in. Some clubs just don’t have the girls, while others can create an upscale environment but take all the fun out of the experience. That’s not a problem here. Based on what we saw in New York, you’ll love Rick’s Cabaret.


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Will the NBA season ever get going?

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The Miami Heat were rolling towards a championship until they started celebrating early and blew game two. Then we had the LeBron James meltdown, as he consistently disappeared in the fourth quarter and seemed to completely wilt under pressure. Cavs fans felt vindicated, as the rest of the country saw what Cavs fans saw the year before when LeBron checked out against the Celtics.

Can LeBron come back and salvage his image? There are reports that he’s finally been working on a post-up game, but we’ll believe it when we see it.

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