Get a natural shave with Everblade

Everblade logo.We received some samples of pre shave gel, shave lather and after shave moisturizer from the folks at EverBlade. After using these products several times a few things stood out. 1) These products are really made from a natural preservative system without dyes, or alcohol and is chemical free. 2) You can tell all three products are of high quality and smell really good.

Knowing that this set is about as natural as you will find out there in shaving products combined with the fresh clean feeling you get your day off to a smart start! I really noticed how smooth and moisturized my face felt after finishing off my shave with the EverBlade after shave product.

Granted you will pay more for EverBlade than off the shelf shaving products at your drug store but if you are going for the natural shaving products and want to do your own thing you will probably be happy with your purchases.


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