Mountain Dew DEWMocracy flavors review

As far as caffeinated beverages go, Mountain Dew and its neon green color have always appealed to those in need of a boost, and to those who want something different than cola or less potent than Red Bull.  Well this year, Mountain Dew has launched its DEWMocracy 2, a 12-month consumer driven campaign to choose its new flavor.  We had the chance to taste those three flavors and offer an opinion.

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew Typhoon—This flavor was like a turbo-charged fruit punch.  If you’re old enough to remember Tahitian Treat Soda, that’s what this tastes like, only with caffeine.  It’s decent, but there is something inherently odd about fruit punch being carbonated.

Mountain Dew Distortion—A regular Mountain Dew, complete with the neon green color, but blasted with lime.  This was our least favorite, as it just tasted like, well, regular Mountain Dew with a lime twist.

Mountain Dew White Out—This was the best of the bunch, as the citrus infusion here tasted more authentic, like a combination of orange and lemon.  It was more like a cross between regular Dew and lemon-lime soda, and overall it left us wanting more.

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