Top Reasons To Purchase A Brand New Motorcycle


If you have been thinking that it is about time that you have finally treated yourself to a motorcycle, you might be concerned about whether you are getting the best ride for your money. To make sure that you are, you might want to stick with brand new motorcycles instead of a used one. While there might be a time and place to purchase a used one, this might not be it. You will want to make sure that you are as well aware of your motorcycle options, just as Bob Parsons made himself fully aware of what was available when he started building his world-famous collection of motorcycles.

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Picture of the Day: Sonny Frazier is a hot biker babe

Here’s a great shot of lovely brunette Sonny Frazier stradling a motorcycle and showing off her nice tush!

Sonny Frazier is a hot biker babe


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