The Rise of Mobile Gambling in Sports: Changing Perceptions and Ideals


Historically, gambling has polarised opinions and suffered from a number of damaging misconceptions. From images of smoke-fuelled and dimly lit rooms to crowded bookmakers, gambling has always been plagued by negative connotations and faced criticism from individuals throughout the world. The rise of mobile gaming has been as impactful as it has been pronounced, however, with the result that it managing to change perceptions and create an entirely new image for the gambling sector as a whole.

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The future of mobile gambling, what we can expect

man using smartphone

The popularity of gambling has increased significantly in recent years and experts in the industry are pointing to a number of reasons why. Most agree, however, that the biggest single factor is the prevalence of mobile technology and the new-found ease of access to online gambling sites this has provided. These developments are not only aimed at seasoned long-term gamblers, they are also attractive to people who have always wanted to take part in this sort of activity, but were unable to do so because of a number of restrictions, both practical and cultural.

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