Car Review: 2013 MINI Cooper S Paceman ALL4


You can’t help but notice the lower stance and more aggressive look when you first check out the 2013 MINI Cooper S Paceman ALL4. This car is the result of years of real world testing and customer feedback that enabled MINI to build the car that many people crave. That’s a good thing for MINI.


With a sporty new exterior design and styled as a coupé interpretation of the Countryman, the inspired look of the 2013 MINI Cooper S Paceman has that It factor! Packed with MINI character and obvious design cues which tie it to the rest of the range, the three-door Paceman’s unique exterior styling is what immediately catches the eye. Built on the Countryman platform, bumper to bumper the car is 4,109 mm (4,115mm for MINI Cooper S Paceman and Cooper SD Paceman), which makes it almost identical in size to its sibling.

With a contemporary and expressive body shape, the Paceman has been created to appeal to a new type of design-conscious customer. The prominent horizontal lines and dynamic curved surfaces give the promise of sporting performance, yet there is an elegant simplicity to the overall form of the car. The upright front grille, complete with hexagonal radiator grille and broad chrome surround, gives the Paceman genuine presence. Its coupé-style stretched side profile features long doors, while the blacked-out pillars create a “floating roof” concept, as already seen on the MINI Coupe. Available in either black, white or body colour, the roof gently slopes towards the rear of the car, ending at the integrated spoiler. The horizontal arrangement of the rear lights, which accentuates the car’s width, is a first for MINI. The Paceman is the only member of the brand’s line-up to be identified by a rear nameplate.

Some of the upscale features included power folding mirrors, heated mirrors with washing jets, a huge dual pane panoramic sunroof and 19-inch alloy wheels.


As with all MINIs, the cabin space is much more than anticipated, and the Paceman comes through with an inspired interior that is both smart and sporty. The car’s interior has been designed specifically for this model. It’s highlight is the innovative rear seat, which has been styled around a lounge concept. Two individual chairs provide generous levels of head, shoulder and knee room with outstanding comfort and support. Armrests have been integrated into the rear trim. A two-section version of the MINI Centre Rail storage and attachment system – first seen in the Countryman – comes as standard. A full-length variant is available as an option.

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5 Ways to Style in a Mini Cooper

Many younger people do not know much about the Mini Cooper’s history. In addition to being a top-selling automobile since the middle of the 20th century, the Mini Cooper’s legacy is partially tied to its racing history. While most auto teams focused on improving their engine sizes, Mini Cooper drivers instead focused on the light weight and great cornering the Mini provided. In the middle of the 1960, the Mini Cooper dominated the Monte Carlo Rally, winning the race from 1964 until 1967. Its success changed how people envision cars. Today, the retro look of the Mini Cooper stands out among other vehicles. Here are a few ideas for styling a Mini Cooper.

  1. Retro elements: Retro is always in, and those who emphasize the retro aspects of their Mini Coopers will find that their tweaks never go out of style. Homemade items were popular in the sixties, so a knit steering wheel cover will look great in a Mini Cooper. Consider hanging a peace sign, the leading symbol of the 1960s, from the rear-view mirror or elsewhere. The 1960s happy face will also remind people of the era and emphasize what the Mini Cooper should be: a happy, fun car. Particularly ambitious drivers can even consider painting flowers and other elements of 1960s style for an extreme look.
  2. Racing heritage: The Mini Cooper’s racing heritage is legendary, and symbols of this dominance can look great on Minis. Simple, classy racing stripes look great on the Mini’s lines, and new wheels can complete the look. An upgraded exhaust can make the Mini look, drive and sound great as well as serve as a nod to the Mini’s history. Bold drivers may even consider painting their favorite number of the side of their car.
  3. Focus on the interior: Some love the standard look of their Minis, but there are options for styling for them as well. By focusing on the interior, drivers can add fashion cues for themselves and their passengers. Beaded seats are both nostalgic and look great, and a new stereo system is always a worthy, stylish upgrade. Simple upgrades such as new floor mats and accessories to hang on the rear-view mirror can improve the interior look of the car tremendously.
  4. Sophisticated themes: The Mini Cooper is a quirky, fun car. One option more are considering is taking steps to make the Mini a more sophisticated, stately vehicle. A simple black or white paint job paired with tinted windows can transform the Mini from a fun car to one that can even be a bit intimidating. While some scoff at this notion, it is possible to match the more serious look of the Fiat 500 in a car with a slightly larger footprint.
  5. Extreme styling: While most people will stick with relatively minor style upgrades, some people prefer to radically transform their cars. For these people, the Mini Cooper is a great option. Its lines and simple structure makes it a great platform for extreme car design, and Mini Coopers have been transformed into a number of different looks. If the goal is to transform a car into a bug, a dog, a cat or anything else, the Mini Cooper is a great model to use.

The Mini Cooper sells well around the world. With the increased attention dedicated to vehicles that do not negatively affect the environment, the Mini Cooper is positioned to take see increased sales. Those who like to style their cars will find it is a great option.