The Ultimate Bachelor’s Guide to Meeting the Girl of Your Dreams – From Overseas

beautiful blond woman in striped dress

Mail order brides… you’ve heard the term before, and although it’s a bit on the derogatory side, the practice lends itself to the name. Ultimately, you browse a (now online) catalog of hundreds, or even thousands of girls, and message the ones you’re interested in. If they reciprocate interest – or at least have the hankering for some USDA prime choice all-American male – they’ll message you back. Romance is in the air.

Now, a common misconception in this business is that the brides really are mail order. As in, you pick a bride, we ship her in a handy travel crate complete with enough food and water for the trip, and upon arrival you two tie the knot and live happily ever after. The misconception dates back to the days of shopping catalogs, or men’s magazines that advertised this service – as well as a few pictures of beautiful women – in the classified sections that used to adorn the final few pages of these types of publications. So, what’s this business like today?
Well, it’s not quite what you think.

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Russian Girls and Cars

Guys love cars and we also love beautiful women as well, so the combination is one that we always enjoy. Here we have a cool gallery supplied by our friends at Russian Brides who took some shots of actual Russian women who have been on their dating site.

The world has come a long way from the old mail order bride sites. Now these services are just like the traditional dating sites that we’ve all started using. This has taken quite a bit of the stigma away from the whole process and it’s also so much more effective, as now you can meet them online in real time and interact with them in so many ways, including email, chat, Skype etc.

Check out the slideshow above and you’ll see the quality of the women on this site, and then head over to Russian Brides and browse all of the real women that you can meet. Again, this isn’t just a marriage site. If you’re looking for that you can definitely find it, but many of them are open to dating as well.