Car Review: 2013 Lincoln MKZ AWD


The future of Lincoln is here, and there’s a whole bunch of style and substance that wasn’t present in their cars before the 2013 Lincoln MKZ AWD arrived this year. The new MKZ is the first Lincoln created by a dedicated team in its new Lincoln Design Studio with a sweeping profile that incorporates one of the world’s widest-opening retractable glass roofs. This new offering from Lincoln was a major test for Lincoln, and we spent a week behind the wheel to see if the folks at Lincoln delivered.


A sweeping roofline defines the new luxury sedan’s profile. The steeply raked windshield and lengthened backlight make for a sleeker and more flowing appearance that is 10 percent more aerodynamic than the model it replaces. Although strikingly modern, the design retains classic Lincoln design elements, including a more refined interpretation of the split-wing grille, first seen on the 1938 Lincoln-Zephyr. Rearview mirrors stand on door-mounted, sculpted pedestals. This fitment enables the front door glass to extend farther forward to improve visibility and to allow even more light into the interior. The crafted headlamp assemblies include bright, energy-efficient LED lighting. The front headlights turn in sync with the steering wheel, providing enhanced visibility. At the rear, LED technology enabled a thin, distinctive full-width tail lamp graphic. There is no doubt that the MKZ is a real attention grabber on the road, as the looks and compliments were coming from all directions.


When I first entered the cabin of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ AWD, the striking improvements from the prior model weren’t even on my mind as I just thought that this new car from Lincoln had one of the sharpest interiors I’ve seen no matter what segment we’re testing. Design teams clearly created an inviting interior featuring bold architectural elements, rich natural materials and fine details.

This is the type of functional interior that will appeal to younger and more diverse drivers that appreciate luxury and technology. Innovation and technology abound inside the new MKZ. Replacing the traditional mechanical transmission shift lever is a contemporary five-button interface. The individual buttons of Push Button Shift engage Park, Neutral, Reverse, and forward gears in two modes, Drive and Sport. Push Button Shift gave designers freedom to create a sculptural multi-level center console with more functional storage areas.

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