New Urbanite Select smartphone cases from Ballistic


Ballistic has introduced slimmest series yet of smartphone cases, offering an elegant, pocketable design and lightweight, premium materials. The new cases are crafted with real wood and leather, as you can see in the photos above. We tried the black leather case for our iPhone 6 and liked the look and feel of the case. The cases are equipped with Ballistic corners, raised lips and a six-foot drop protection.

The cases are available in Dark Ash Wood, White Ash Wood or Buffalo Leather for iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S 7 and Samsung Galaxy S 7 Edge. You can find them at the Ballistic store.


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Rugged iPhone case from Ballistic

There are all sorts of iPhone cases out there, so you have plenty of options depending on your needs and tastes. If you’re active or work in an outdoor or construction setting, you should consider a rugged case that can hook onto your belt.

We tried out the new Universal Sport Rugged Pouch from Ballistic and found it to be an excellent option. The iPhone fits snugly into the case and it’s very easy to get to your phone with the case on your side. You can hear your calls with the Soundvent and the Velcro strap keeps the phone in the case. Whether you’re hiking or working, this makes getting to your phone easy and simple, and it’s a much better option than having the phone in your pocket. It’s also much safer as well.

You may not want to use it when you go out to dinner, but for everyday use the Universal Sport is a great option.


New XtremeMac Microshield iPhone 4 case

I just purchased my first iPhone, and I couldn’t be happier with the new iPhone 4S. I’m still getting used to all the features but the phone is pretty amazing.

For anyone who has an iPhone, you know it’s advisable to get a cover for the phone. There are tons of different styles out there with all sorts of materials, but it’s very important to protect the phone with a case.

XtremeMac has released a new line of cases, and I tried out the new Microshield in the Graphite color. You can see the available colors above. I love it and can’t imagine wanting a different case.

Microshield is an impact-resistant, hard plastic case that blends protection with simplicity. It’s slips cleanly onto the phone and seems to be a natural part of it. The case features a smooth, matte surface with full access to all of the ports, controls and connectors. It’s very smooth so you can easily slip it into and out of your pocket, and it feels great in your hands. It’s also not bulky like many of the cases you see out there.

I also like the metallic finish. It looks great in the black version of the iPhone. You can also check out the Microshield Style options if you want patterns on the case, but I preferred the elegant styling of the Graphite Microshield.

If you just picked up your new iPhone, make sure to check these out. Also, if you’ve had one for a while, a new case is a great way to update your current phone.