Interview with Jesse Jane, porn star and actress in “Middle Men”

To use the Hollywood pitch technique, “Middle Men” is “GoodFellas” with porn, an amusing story of a businessman (Luke Wilson) who helps two guys with a great idea make millions of dollars by giving customers a way to purchase pornography online discreetly. The more he gets involved in the business, though, the harder it is for him to stay clean, as the job frequently forces him to deal with gangsters and scumbags. Fittingly, to promote the DVD release of “Middle Men” (it comes out tomorrow), the studio recruited porn star Jesse Jane, who’s in the movie for a good two to three seconds (no joke), to do interviews. A scheduling snafu relegated the chat to email-only (let’s just say that porn stars are very busy the week of the Super Bowl), but Miss Jane answered our questions within an hour of receiving them. You’ll forgive us for cleaning up the text speak, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to put ‘lol’ in an interview.

Bullz-Eye: So what events do you have planned in Dallas?

Jesse Jane: I have 3 different Super Bowl parties at the Manhattan Lounge, and Iniquity. I also have a store signing, and a bunch of radio and I’m shooting a cable thing and something for HD Net.

BE: I saw the movie, and the sequences with the porn stars are cut pretty quickly, but I’m sure I saw you in the Vegas scene posing next to Luke Wilson, and getting a couple of lines. Did I miss anything else?

JJ: No that was it, just a small cameo part which was fun to shoot.

BE: How many days did you spend on the set?

JJ: I literally flew into Vegas, shot that day, and left the next morning.

BE: Did you have any personal dealings with the people the movie is based on?

JJ: No. The Internet thing started when I was still in school, so I’ve never met any of the guys that this movie is based on.

BE: Is there any of yourself in the Audrey Dawns character?

JJ: Actually no, I didn’t sleep with people to get ahead. I was just good in bed (Laughs), but I’ve never mixed business relationships with my personal relationships; that just never ends good.

BE: Talk about the differences between the Hollywood set and the ones you work on at Digital Playground.

JJ: Well, honestly, there’s just a lot more people on the mainstream set, and on my sets we have sex. (Laughs)

BE: Is acting in mainstream movies something you want to explore further?

JJ: I would love to get little parts here and there, it’s so much fun. But I’m not looking to cross over. I’m a sex symbol – I’m known for being a sex star.

BE: How do you feel about the adult entertainment industry’s steady move into mainstream culture? Do you think it’s great, or do even porn stars find it a little strange?

JJ: I think it’s amazing. People are realizing we are just people too, and some of us can act. Just because we have sex for a living doesn’t change us as people. It’s never going to completely cross over, so people need to realize that, but it’s fun they’re experimenting with it

BE: What are your thoughts on what I call the amateur/reality circuit of porn (Note: we listed the name of a few sites here as examples, but will not print them here), where you have full-fledged porn stars pretending to be first-timers? Is that good for the industry because it means more work for everyone, or is it bad because of the cheap production values and for forcing professional adult actors have to pretend to be reality stars? (Forgive me if this is a ridiculous question; I’ve never interviewed a porn star before.)

JJ: I guess it’s fine. I don’t shoot that stuff, but it helps other people, so that’s a good thing. It’s not my type of thing; I’m used to shooting higher quality films

BE: Adult films by nature are made on the cheap, but you’ve made some pretty elaborate ones. Tell us which one had the most big-budget effect or set.

JJ: Well, Digital Playground movies are huge budgets, and not cheap. Take “Pirates” and “Pirates 2,” for example, over million dollar budgets. We put money into our films to provide something that makes you want to watch.

BE: If a 16-year-old girl came up to you and told you that she wanted to be a porn star when she was old enough, what would you tell her?

JJ: To wait a few years – she might change her mind. If [she decides to go ahead with it], you need to not be embarrassed about it because people will find out. You can’t hide it, and you must enjoy sex, because people that do it just for the money won’t last.

BE: What are your plans once you decide to stop making movies?

JJ: I’m launching my own tequila in March – Diosa tequila launches March 7-9 at the biggest nightclub and bar convention in Vegas.

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