Help crowdfound ‘Hollywood Sex Wars’ and bring the indie comedy to a theater near you

Hollywood Sex Wars.

When the economy’s down, it can be tough to find funding for an independent film, let alone the money for widespread distribution. Paul Sapiano and the producers of the upcoming “Hollywood Sex Wars” know this better than anyone, which is why they’re turning to the internet with hopes of crowdsourcing a round of funding to help bring the film around the country.

If you don’t know Sapiano, he’s the writer behind “The Boys And Girls Guide To Getting Down.” His new comedy, “Hollywood Sex Wars,” takes off in the same vein, satirizing the world of single Hollywood. It’s an epic showdown between a local a trade union of Silverlake strippers – the “Local 69” – and three young men on a mission to get as much tail as possible.

Sapiano and his producers need your help bring the film to a location near you. They’ve started a crowdfunding project with IndieGoGo to help the film “get its legs,” so to speak. Any donation helps, but the crew behind “Hollywood Sex Wars” has put together some nice perks for generous donors.

My personal favorite is “The Eliot Spitzer Experience,” which comes with 2 VIP tickets to the premiere and a walk the red carpet, after party tickets, escorted introductions to meet the cast and crew, an autographed movie poster, your name in the film credits and on the website, a cameo role in the film, and a couple t-shirts and DVDs to top things off. If you don’t have a spare grand to donate, $9 still gets your name in the credits and on the website as a proud supporter of the project.


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