2011 Local News Bloopers

This is great stuff. 2011 wasn’t a great year for everyone, but these local news bloopers should put a smile on your face heading into 2012.


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Eddie Murphy is delirious for some ice cream

Here’s a great clip from Eddie Murphy’s famous Delirious special.


Hump Day Video – Pain is Funny

Everyone likes accidents . . .


Hump Day Video – Funny Soccer Commentary

Eat my goal . . .

Hat tip – Grantland.


Norm MacDonald hosting the ESPYs in 1998

We’re sure Seth Myers will do a good job again this year hosting the ESPYs (which will be starting any minute), but the best opening monologue at the ESPYs will always belong to Norm MacDonald. The athletes in the audience had no idea how to react to some of Norm’s harsh jokes about other athletes. Make sure to watch the whole thing, as the crack at the end is priceless.

Make sure to check out our recent interview with Norm!


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