Friday Video – Beastie Boys three-pack

We wanted to use their new single “Make Some Noise” in this slot, but the only version of the song on YouTube is sped up in order to avoid prosecution by the Web Sheriff, and it just sounds wonky. So we’re going with these instead. First up: “Body Movin,” which seems like a spoof of ’60s spy movies but then Mike D is wearing a Beethoven wig. The remix of the song here is arguably the best thing Fatboy Slim has ever done.

Next, we have “Ch-Ch-Check It Out,” performed live on “Late Night with David Letterman.” Shot with a fish-eye lens on the streets of New York City, the band performs the track while walking the streets and into the back door of Letterman’s studio and hits the stage in the second chorus. Sweeeeet.

And how about this for last-minute timing: the official video for “Make Some Noise” just dropped. Man, Elijah Wood does an uncanny Ad Rock.


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