Experience the Home Theater: Home Entertainment at Its Finest

If you’re building a home theater, you want to do it right, considering all possibilities and exploring alternate angles. If you want a fine experience, don’t lift a finger until you’ve put a handle on the following information.


To start, consider sound quality and acoustics. A large-screen television is not put to full use if you don’t buy quality speakers to produce surround sound. Also, purchase a receiver that acts as an audio/visual ‘mixing board,’ letting you DJ the quality of sound, balancing front and rear speakers, sound bars, etc.

True home entertainment stimulates all the senses; a quality system does not feature a large TV alone. Purchase a receiver, rear speakers, game consoles, and more to enhance the at-home entertainment. Surround sound speakers should be placed to the front side, above and a bit to the rear of listeners. Don’t aim speakers at peoples’ ears but rather position the components at a 45 to 60-degree angle spread (High dispersion speakers help disseminate sound out of the speakers into the room.)

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