Would you take the stage?

Here’s an interesting video from Heineken, where unsuspecting people in the crowd were announced as “stars of the show” and directed to go on stage. Would you do it?


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Are Heineken commercials real?

Here’s a pretty hilarious take from Heineken about the authenticity of their commercials.


Carol Karaoke

Here’s a pretty cool social experiment or personality quiz. What if you were singing holiday carols to a few friends at a karaoke bar, when suddenly your performance was broadcasted to thousands of people? Would you keep singing? Would you act differently just because more people were watching you? Check out this new Heineken video to see how real people reacted. What would you do?


Play Departure Roulette with Heineken

Could you drop everything and take off somewhere in the world? That’s the idea behind Heineken’s new Departure Roulette promotion and you can learn more in the video above. See what happens when Heineken hits the road to make a few lucky commenters prove they’d walk the talk and push the button to see where they’re going. Follow the #dropped hashtag on Twitter and then chime in if you’re willing to push the button as well.


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