5 Tips for Looking Your Best this Year

One of the ways to feel self-confident is by taking care of yourself. You’re sure to look your best when you do this on a regular basis. The key to having outward beauty begins with what you think and what you put in your body. If you’re one of the millions of people that have decided this is the year to look as good as possible, you will want to know some tips to help you do so. You may even be amazed at the results you’re able to see when you begin to work on this self-improvement process.

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3 Things to Figure Out By 30


As a man, it pays to take the occasional look in the mirror. This isn’t just to make sure you haven’t forgotten to shave that patch on your neck, or to figure out how your nose hair situation is doing. It’s important to think about how you’re developing in various areas. It’s always good to think about your development, comparing your current self against your past self. But it’s also good to think about where you stand compared to other people your age. Not all of us develop at the same rate, but there are certain things you should definitely have worked out by now. We’ll divide these into three criteria: fitness, finance and creativity.

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5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Long Term Hearing Loss


Most people agree that having good health is one of the most important things for all of us – because without it we can’t really enjoy the rest of our lives. That’s why we go to the doctor when we’re feeling off colour, to the dentist when we’ve got a toothache or even to a physiotherapist with our aches and pains. But one area we don’t pay nearly enough attention to is our hearing.

Considering it’s such a vital sense we barely give it a second thought and it’s only when we start to lose it that we start to appreciate its importance.

With this in mind, here are five ways that right now you can start to protect your hearing from damage.

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The Rising Rates of Drug Abuse in the U.S. and How It Affects Men

hospital floor

Just a couple years ago, around 24.6 million Americans, from age 12 and up, were believed to have used some sort of illicit drug. That is 9.4 percent of the American population, and it was a 1.1 percent increase over the last study done in 2002.

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The Playful Drug Marijuana Remains A Liability

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There are many people in recovery from hard-core addictions who do not care if there is a scientifically provable link between marijuana and stronger drugs.

These are simply addicts who know that marijuana was part of their addiction-oriented lifestyle. They also remember that marijuana frequently includes symptoms of anxiety and paranoia. This lends itself to taking a sedative and an alcoholic beverage is often the sedative that is easiest to reach. So, marijuana and alcohol are not linked from a specific biological cause and effect, but the link is still viable enough for someone facing a life in recovery knows enough to avoid marijuana use if they want to stay clean and sober.

Just as coffee is not biologically linked to smoking a cigarette, those who smoke frequently say they combine the two and that sitting down with a cup of coffee – if they manage to quit smoking – frequently gives them the urge to smoke.

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