5 Common First Date Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Whether you’ve met someone in person or connected online, going on a first date is always stressful. From deciding what you’re going to wear to worrying if you’ll live up to expectations, it can make a good experience something to dread. When you add in self-consciousness, nerves, and that never-ending desire to say the right thing, you may start to think you’re better off staying at home.

However, if you’re going out with someone who you think could be really great, persevering through the awkward get-to-you-know stage can equal a lifetime of happiness. Take a look at the five common mistakes made on first dates and how you can avoid them. Set yourself up for a second date, not failure!

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10 Fun and Unique First Date Ideas


As anyone who has ever embarked on a serious relationship can testify, courtship can be as challenging as it is invigorating. As you try to strike the ideal balance between creating a desirable first impression and presenting a true reflection of your own persona, it can be difficult to select suitable dating experiences that offer you the best possible chance of success.

With this challenge in mind, here are ten first date ideas that will blow your mind.

1. Take a Romantic Walk

Let’s start with the basics. Idyllic romantic walks are ideal components of a first date, as they are intimate and enable two partners to develop a deeper understanding of one another. So take your date for a relaxing evening walk through a local park or along a scenic nature trail, ensuring that you converse openly as you do so.

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Making the Right First Impression: 8 First Date Tips Men Can’t Ignore

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Thinking about making the right moves will drive you into insanity. Rather stress in the moment, prepare, considering how to make the right first impression. You asked and got a ‘yes.’ Keep the luck rolling by doing your best to impress. Bring these eight suggestions along and have your date eating out of your hand by evening’s end.

Get a Cut

Your sideburns look burly and long hairs cover your ears, making you appear shaggy. The look is acceptable if you’re going to a costume party as a sheep dog. But, that’s neither a great idea for a costume or place for a first date. Get a fresh haircut and show your date you feel they are special enough for you to look your best.

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