How To Have the Best Fantasy Football Team Next Year

One of the most popular past times in America is sports. From football and baseball, to basketball and hockey Americans will fill bars, crowd living rooms, and show up in impressive numbers to root for their favorite teams and players.

In addition, we love to find ways to make sports even more competitive for the viewers. One of the ways this is done is through gambling. Putting money on a sporting event allows us to raise the stakes. However, fantasy sports allow the opportunity to make money and to compete directly with friends, family, and co-workers. The most popular fantasy sport is football, with the popularity of the NFL at an all-time high.

Fantasy leagues can vary greatly in their style. Traditional fantasy leagues are usually free, have a draft at the beginning of the season, and offer the ability to add or drop players throughout the season. Recently, there has been a growing popularity with one-day fantasy leagues that allow you to draft a new to team every time you play. While they do require a cost to play, they also offer immediate cash payouts for winning. Being a successful fantasy football owner requires a little research, a strong draft, and access to stay up to date on the latest league news.

Research and Drafting

The first part of having a successful fantasy football team is doing your research. Every offseason players change teams, and new ones are drafted into the league. This causes changes in chemistry, playing time, and situations where certain players receive the ball. All these things can affect how a team or player will perform, which could affect your fantasy team. Additionally, injuries and legal issues can also affect how much a player is expected to produce.

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Fantasy Football Draft Day Strategy: Bank Your Offense

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Building a well-oiled Fantasy Football engine, that will drive you to a year-end Championship, takes quality craftsmanship and a dedication to details. With another NFL Fantasy Football season coming at us with the speed of the Acela Express, the time to prepare is now! Fantasy football fanatic and online sports betting expert StatsGuru here with some commentary on the value of a “positional” draft strategy that’s often employed once the clock starts ticking on Draft Day. This advice is based on a standard scoring system that includes a one point per reception bonus.

Running Backs First Strategy: Still a path to Success

You could make solid argument that the National Football League has been stealing a few pages out of the Canadian Football League playbooks recently. That’s because the run twice, pass, and then kick strategy, that the NFL was once infamous for, has turned to a pass a lot and run later strategy – very similar to the CFL. Once dominated by Barry Sanders and Walter Payton, the running back focused NFL is now all about the quarterbacks. It takes willpower, but I personally like to target pass catching running backs with my first three picks on draft day.

RB Secured: Wide Receivers and Quarterbacks are next

No matter which position you draft from, you can usually secure three top tier starting running backs with your first three picks – if you resist the urge to dip into the quarterback and wide receiver pool. While 110 points separated the top QB from 12th overall in 2012, and just 90 points separated the top 12 wide receivers, the gap from top down to twelve for running backs was 131 points. With so many teams employing a pass happy offense, the quarterback importance gap is shrinking. Look at banking your wide receivers with your next three picks – then your QB.

Tight End position continues to gain importance

Once your everyday starting roster of QB (1), RB (3), and WR (3) is secure, you’ll be rolling into the eighth round of your draft. Like the wide receiver position, there’s a smaller drop off when it at the tight end position – in 2012 it was just 87 points. I always aim to reach the first plateau, which is having starters in place at the four offensive “skill positions” by the end of the eighth round. Your first TE pick can also be inter-changed with one of your wide receiver picks if you spot value in a particular TE. Now, with over half of your draft sill to come, you’ll have a solid starting roster.

As you surf around the internet, during the another thrilling NFL regular season, and right up to Super Bowl XLVIII, feel free to click here for additional NFL commentary. Good Luck & Enjoy your 2013 Fantasy Football Ride. It’ll be amazing – it always is!

Image source: Cleveland Browns Facebook page