Smoking and Drinking with People Who Don’t Smoke or Drink


At various times of the year, you’re likely to visit people who you’re not around very often. You might be going to see family, old friends or people you knew earlier in life. If you enjoy smoking or drinking, it can be difficult to know how to behave around these people. Do you smoke openly and freely? Do you have a couple of drinks with dinner or a glass of wine by the pool? This can be a concern if you happen to know for sure that these folks don’t use either substance. Fortunately, there are easy ways to figure out how to your friends/family feel about the subject and to be able to be yourself all the same.

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Alcohol and the Movies: It’s All Well and Good Until Somebody Gets Addicted


On average, Americans have four alcoholic drinks a week, a Gallup poll revealed. At the end of a long day at work, when the sun is setting and the day is done, the most natural thing in the world appears to be a beer, although wine comes in a close second, and liquor last because it favored by only 22% of the population.

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The Alcohol Decision: Should You Drink at Your Next Company Function?


It’s important to mix business with pleasure when attending company parties and functions. However, while it may be normal to share a few libations with friends after work or during the weekends, how should a company employee consume and subsequently act around their boss and coworkers?

Should you (even) drink at your next company function? It depends, so sip on the following information to make the best judgment for you.

Is it Acceptable?

For most workers, it doesn’t require a visit and question posed to the HR department to figure if it’s kosher to drink during work, but what amount or intensity of consumption is ‘okay’ for events? One study found the most-acceptable events are designated ‘parties’ (holiday party), a dinner meeting with a client or coworker, and retirement events. The most-unaccepted ambiances are during a meal while interviewing for a position.

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