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“24” is back!

Get ready for one of the best shows on television to return, and with it one of our most entertaining TV blogs. David Medsker writes the 24 Blog, and he recently posted a preview of the upcoming season and a refresher from last season on Premium Hollywood. There are some spoiler alerts, so don’t click through if you don’t want to learn anything about the upcoming season.

For some of the characters, David speculates on the likelihood of surviving to final clock tick. His line on Kim Bauer (played by the beautiful Elisha Cuthbert) sums her up nicely: “100%. Like cockroaches, Keith Richards and U2, Kim Bauer cannot be killed.”


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Woodstock for Christmas?

Maybe not. “Taking Woodstock” had potential, but movie reviewer David Medsker wasn’t overwhelmed.

If this hadn’t been a true story, and not just any true story but one centered around the mother of all Boomer events, there is a good chance this movie doesn’t get made. Take Woodstock out of the equation, and you’re left with a premise that is all too familiar, the ordinary person who does something extraordinary. To make matters worse Elliot, despite a steady-Eddie performance by stand-up comedian Demetri Martin, is one of the least interesting characters in the movie. When the entire third act focuses on Elliot’s spiritual awakening (it also hints at his sexual awakening), the movie screeches to a halt.

The DVD might be a good gift for a baby boomer or a die-hard Woodstock fan, but you might want to check our DVD recommendations in our Holiday Gift Guide before settling on this one.