Heartbreaking Dawns hot sauces turn up the heat for Bullz-Eye


We’re always up for trying new foods and flavors at Bullz-Eye.com, so we jumped at the chance to test out Heartbreaking Dawns hot sauces and found ourselves in a heatwave! Hot sauce dates back to ancient times and is believed to have medicinal and even aphrodisiac properties. Today, epicureans consider hot sauce a benchmark for culinary machismo, using pepper intensity to bring flavor depth and umami — that meatiness that brings a savory quality to dishes. Whether it provides gentle waves of mild heat or wicked lashes to the tongue, hot sauce is a home cook’s secret weapon that adds flavor and intensity to all things mixed, tossed, roasted, grilled or brined – essentially anything we eat or drink.

The below press release about Heartbreaking Dawns — a three-year old company out of Wyckoff, New Jersey founded by chef Johnny McGlaughlin, a fixture at Brooklyn’s food flea Smorg — provides novel approaches to incorporating the fiery condiment into food and drink, with equally satisfying results whether the dish or libation is savory or sweet.

Chef McLaughlin, founder of Heartbreaking Dawns, the award-winning hot sauce company, knows how to bring on the heat, from creating subtle waves of gentle warmth on the palate to unleashing fiery lashes on the tongue. “Hot sauce isn’t just for chili and its power comes in the form of building layers of flavors through pepper blends. Its image has changed dramatically in recent years as heat fans celebrate its powers of delivering potent umami or a deeper dimension of taste to dishes both savory and sweet,” said McLaughlin. “Hot sauce, when used properly, can lend a quiet, warm perfume of earthy and floral notes or ratchet up the ‘meatiness’ of any number of sauces, protein blends, dressings and even ice creams. Once you know how to use it, hot sauce becomes the home cook’s best friend.”

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