The Most Stylish Female Celebs Under 30

Young female celebs, particularly those that are under 30, can provide really great inspiration to anyone who’s interested in fashion or who simply wants to look her best both at work and at play. To help you find your celebrity fashion muse, continue reading for a short list of some of the most stylish and beautiful female celebs under 30.

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Fame for Sale: Celebrity Mansions on the Real Estate Market


The phrase “celebrity home” conjures up images of opulence, style and of course, high expenses. We’re used to being amazed and thrilled by the homes of famous people, but it isn’t always the level of luxury that draws our eye.

Sometimes it’s the legacy and life of the owners that thrills us and makes the house more than just a home. Every so often, a dwelling that was formerly occupied by a celebrity comes on the market and the buzz around it is always palpable.

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Up for Sale: A Virtual Tour of Celebrity Homes


The homes of the rich and famous often take high-end real estate to a whole new level. From petting zoos to private basketball courts, celebrities often have both the resources and the imagination to live a lifestyle that for many of us are the stuff of dreams.

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