Friday Video – Boots Electric, “Complexity”

You’d have to go out of your way to not get along with Jesse Hughes, the lead singer of the Eagles of Death Metal and creative force behind the glam boogie band Boots Electric. All the man wants is for people to have a good time, and have sex, not necessarily in that order. Arriving on a music scene where bands were more interested in sharing their pain and misery, Hughes had the glow of a Renaissance man, and that was before we got him on the phone for a fun chat in 2006. From that point forward, Jesse Hughes has secured lifelong status as a Friend of Bullz-Eye.

Which brings us to his babelicious video for “Complexity,” a hilarious title once you realize how decidedly uncomplicated the song is. The glam sound fits Hughes well, though, and the casting director, which was probably Hughes as well, if we were to guess, clearly had a good job that day (boing boing boing). At the end of a day, the clip has a very valuable message: if you’re fun to be around, women will want to be with you. Pass it on.

Lastly, bonus points for the Boots Electric album title, which is our title of the year so far: Honkey Kong. Awe, some.


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