5 Common Supplements For Competitive Bodybuilders

bodybuilder with dumbells and muscles

Competitive bodybuilders know better than anyone that their nutrition and the supplements they use are among the most important parts of their rigorous training regimen. For those who are just getting their start in the world of professional and competition bodybuilding, however, it can be difficult to know where to begin. To give you a hand, here are just five of the most common supplements competitive bodybuilders are using today.

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Get Your Skin Show Ready for Your Next Competition

couple with tight abs

Every little thing that you do leading up to your competition impacts the way your body looks, from the food that you put in your body to the products that you put on it. Even drinking too much water at the wrong time can make your body look softer and cost you definition.

After working so hard building your muscle definition, you need to do everything you can to highlight that work. Smooth, beautiful skin can make your muscles pop. You’ll look stronger and more cut with the right skin work.

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30 for 30 Shorts series launches with ‘Arnold’s Blueprint’

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an American icon, but his roots go way back to his childhood in Austria. ESPN’s acclaimed “30 for 30” series returns this week, but this time around they’ve added “30 for 30 Shorts” that can be seen at Grantland, and the first installment cover’s Arnold’s early years in Austria. “Arnold’s Blueprint” is a 12-minute film focusing on his teenage years in the Austrian Army as he used the sport of bodybuilding to turn himself into an international celebrity. We’ve embedded the video below so you can watch it here.