Grab-&-Go Bikini Baristas: Arrested for Stripping and More

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If you have never heard of the Grab-&-Go Espresso bikini girls, then you are in for a double espresso treat today. These energetic young ladies are giving new depth to the phrase “Grab-&-Go.”

The Espresso establishments in question, found in Seattle, Washington feature “Bikini Baristas,” which is an often-copied strategy wherein girls in bikinis, as opposed to a more respectful outfit, serve customers their cappuccinos. Think of it as the Hooters of coffee.

It would seem that several entrepreneuring young women working at Grab-&-Go took it upon themselves to include a couple extras to perk men up in ways that coffee cannot. Instead of serving up London Fogs, they were fogging up the windows with erotic strip shows.

This is possible because the Grab and Go Espresso “huts” are “built for one” buildings that would afford those women working inside a fair degree of privacy and freedom in which to operate a side business for full frontals.

The police would conduct an extensive 2-month investigation that included extensive video surveillance—one would assume with lots of close-ups.
We arrested the participants in the act,” said Everett police spokesman Aaron Snell to the Everett Herald Net newspaper.

Yet the owner of the Grab-&-Go, Bill Wheeler, is denouncing any accusations or hard video evidence, defending his girls by saying that every customer who drives through a Grab-&-Go is buying a drink.

You would think that it would end here, with the owner caught red-handed trying to save face, but doesn’t. Grab-&-Go Espresso is actually the same establishment where several baristas were arrested for prostitution in 2009.

So either Bill Wheeler is completely unaware of what is transpiring at his establishments, or he is perhaps the biggest pimp in the Seattle area.

In any case, it would seem that “popping out for a quick coffee” is taking on a new meaning in Seattle. If your husband seems to be enjoying that nighttime Americano a little bit too much, you might want to tag along next time.

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