Product Review: AXE SportBlast Shower Gel + Shampoo

The new 2-in-1 AXE product was very similar to my thoughts on marriage. At first, I was repulsed and completely uninterested. “How often do combinations of body wash and shampoo actually pull it off?” I thought. “That’s like the amount of guys who refer to their wife as their ‘best friend’ and actually mean it.”

Usually, 2-in-1 combos are either too gloppy due to being more body wash than shampoo, or too light because they are more shampoo than body wash. Based on past committed relationships with other body wash/shampoo combos, I was initially repulsed, just like I was about marriage.

So I went into the experience with an eye jaundiced by past experience. But if I was going to get through this review objectively, I had to put on my big boy pants and separate my past experiences from a future unknown. Once I did that, I realized that SportBlast wasn’t the problem — it was me.

The gel itself was very thick, so my initial expectation was that when it came time to either rinse it off my body or out of my hair, it was going to leave a nasty residue. Nothing is worse than taking a shower with a new soap product (Zest soap from the 1990s, I’m looking at you) and realizing after the shower is complete and you’ve moved on with your life that there is still some residue on you.

But AXE SportBlast was different. The gel was thick but it didn’t feel like it once I began applying it to my dirty, alcohol-addled body. Just like with the shampoo, the body wash rinsed off with minimal effort. My skin felt clean and there was no leftover residue.

Another thing I appreciated was the smell of the product; it was refreshing and crisp. Not only that, but the gel really felt like it exfoliated and opened up my skin. I really noticed this about an hour after showering; my skin felt open, clear and clean. The shampoo, for as thick as I feared it would be, left my hair feeling noticeably lighter and refreshed.

One more detail for all you frugal dudes; you basically recycle the shampoo from your head and that becomes your body wash, so a bottle of this stuff will last a long time. We all know you’ve been using your shampoo of choice as a body wash as well because you are broke after the divorce, but now, you can buy a product that is made for that, specifically.

While I will never get married again, I would definitely purchase and use AXE SportBlast again. If you’re as hesitant to drink the Kool-Aid regarding 2-in-1 products as I was, this will be a pleasant surprise — unlike that $10,000 invoice from your divorce attorney.

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Anarchy from Axe

Axe has a new graphic novel coming and you can see more about it at their YouTube page. You can actually vote on how the story will develop so check it out.


Product Review: AXE Hold + Touch Styling Products

When I received the new AXE Hold + Touch hair styling products, I was skeptical. Too many times in the past I had fallen prey to styling products that you could squeeze out of a tube that simply didn’t work.

More often than not, these products had the consistency and holding power of Dep or LA Looks (for all you children of the 80s and 90s), and no matter how many layers you glopped on, the product wouldn’t hold — it would merely coat your hair, mat it down and make it look sweaty, like Colin Farrell’s portrayal of Don Johnson in Miami Vice. Or, Don Cheadle in any movie he has ever been in. And guess what guys? Chicks hate the sweaty, Vaseline hair look.

Anyway, it was impossible to style or spike your hair, or give it the appearance of body or texture with those aforementioned products. And generally, those products came in squeezable tubes — just like the AXE samples that were staring up at me from a recently opened UPS delivery parcel. “Yawn,” I thought.

After a Sunday morning workout in preparation of doing nothing but watching NFL football and drinking all day, I took a shower and decided to try the AXE Hold + Touch Paste for Fine Hair first of the three samples.

My hair is somewhere between thick and fine so I chose the Paste for Fine Hair first because, generally, pastes are pretty strong. But based on the texture of the Fine Hair product, I squeezed an excessive amount into my hands, rubbed them together and began to style my hair. As I applied it, I looked in the mirror and thought, “Yawn, how predictable; another inferior hair gel.”

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Review: AXE body washes get a new look

Our friends at AXE sent us brand new samples of AXE Twist Revitalizing Shower Gel and AXE Snake Peel Shower Scrub. We were more than happy to test our the New Axe products with a new look.

AXE Twist sports a new improved fragrance that starts with with exciting freshness which then lasts to keep you in the game all day and all night. As they say “Use AXE Twist because a good first impression isn’t enough, you need to keep her inrigued”. I found the ultra lather with super fragrances had me feeling clean and refreshed.

AXE Snake Peel Shower Scrub also sports a new look but maintains the Desert Minerals and Cactus Oil that will clean your skin like never before. If you’re feeling more than a little dirty AXE Snake Peel shower scrub with deep cleans and exfoliates to remove dirt and dry skin. I used Snake Peel daily and never felt cleaner and believe me when I tell you that this stuff really works.

Between the new look of AXE shower gels and the reliable feeling of knowing AXE has your back out there these products will help AXE fly off the shelves.


Jessica Lowndes stops by the AXE Lounge

90210‘s Jessica Lowndes stopped by the AXE Lounge this weekend and chatted about her work on the show. She talked about what it has been like to revive a popular series from decades past and the importance of chasing your passion. Check out the video below for a quick interview with this gorgeous actress.