Friday Video – Awolnation, “Not Your Fault”

Click here to listen to Awolnation’s Megalithic Symphony on Spotify

If he weren’t so fond of dropping the word ‘motherfucker’ into his music, we would totally play these guys around the house more often. We refuse to spell their name in all caps, though. It looks as though they’re yelling at us.

Capitalization aside, we’ve been high on these guys since “Burn It Down” landed in our inboxes early last year – in fact, we were so eager to share that song in this column that we went with a homemade video of the song instead of waiting for the band to shoot an official clip – and the video for their latest single “Not Your Fault” is just too cool not to share. Half stop-motion a la Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” and half Rankin & Bass-style claymation (including an abominable snowman), this video is a throwback in the best possible way. It’s nice to see bands still put some effort into their videos.


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Video of the Week: Awolnation

All right, let’s get something out of the way up front: we chose “Burn It Down,” the debut single from Under the Influence of Giants spinoff band Awolnation, less for the video – which was made by a fan who admits that the clip itself is “crappy” – and more for the fact that this song kills, a straight-up rock ‘n roll freakout along the lines of Little Richard fronting the Hives. Better yet, the song is available for free download (no email registration required) on our music blog ESDMusic. Spin this at whatever party you’re attending tonight, and watch the place explode. Burn it down, indeed.