Friday Video – Green Day, “Peacemaker”

…performed on the drums by a 6-year-old boy.

Playing drums is much harder than it looks. Playing Green Day songs is even harder than playing most other songs, because Tre Cool is tre fast and tre good. So how awesome is it to see a 6-year-old boy named Kyle tear up the 21st Century Breakdown track “Peacemaker” – left-handed on a righty set, no less – like it ain’t no big thing? We need to get him in a band with that Japanese guitar prodigy. They’d rule the world.


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Friday Video – Green Day, “Before the Lobotomy”

Happy Friday, everyone. If you’re reading this within 72 hours of when it posts, then we’re standing somewhere in Chicago’s Grant Park, caked in dust from the softball fields the south stage bands are playing on. We’ll give you one guess which band we’re most excited to see. (Note: There is no official video for this song, so we settled for this Rock Band recording because it’s the most visually interesting YouTube clip of the song available.)

Oh, and for the people who made this clip, if you’re looking for a new singer, drop us a line. Ciao.